12 Best Books to Teach Rhyming for Kindergarten

Books to teach rhyming in kindergarten
ecognizing rhyming words is a basic level of phonemic awareness. Reading rhyming books teaches early literacy skills like phonemic awareness and fluency development. Rhyming requires children to listen closely to sounds within words. Children who can recognize rhyme, learn that words are made up of separate parts.

Here are some of my favorite rhyming books to read aloud

Picture Book for Teaching Rhyming

  1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  2. Jesse Bear, What Will you Wear? 
  3. Silly Sally 
  4. Sheep in a Jeep 
  5. Rhyme Crime
  6. Giraffes Can't Dance
  7. Good Night Moon
  8. Rhyming Dust Bunnies
  9. Alligators All Around
  10. Old Black Fly
  11. Piranhas don't Eat Bananas
  12. Dinosaur Roar


While reading a book with rhymes, be sure to pause and give your students a chance to chime in. The structure of the rhyming text will give students a clue as to what the word could be.  When children are given the opportunity to play with rhymes, they are working on developing the ability to hear the similarities and differences in how words sound.

To extend the rhyming activities with your read-aloud book, choose the character's name or something else significant from the story.  Ask your students if they can give you a word that rhymes. For example, if reading Chicka Chick Boom Boom, can students produce a rhyme for the words boom or tree,


Make rhyming fun and musical. kids love to sing.  Try some of these fun rhyming songs with your class. The first one is always a class favorite as it uses students' names.

Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Jack Hartman's Rocco the Rhyming Rhino

Down by the Bay

5 Green Speckled Frogs

Excercise rhyme and Freeze: Jack Hartman


I like to extend the teaching of rhyming in my classroom to whole group, small group, and center activities.  These are two of the resources I use with my own students to teach rhyming.
resources to to teach rhymingLiteracy Centers to teach rhyming
For more information on other back-to-school rhyming ideas, you might be interested in this back-to-school resource that incorporates rhyming in a daily format.  You can read more about my back-to-school language arts resource to learn how I use it to teach rhyming.

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