25+ Easter Messy Play Ideas to Try

Easter messy play ideas are just what you need when it comes to planning for spring! Be sure to check out my epic list of messy play ideas once you’re done here.

Messy play activities are those that can get, well, messy! So you’ll find Easter messy sensory play, as well as messy art and crafts, and messy science. Children learn so many important concepts when they engage in messy play. Which makes the messy Easter fun worth it, right?

The Easter activities below have a range of messiness. So you can pick those that fit your students’ interests and needs, as well as your own!

collage of spring activities with text that reads easter messy play ideas

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I do want to let you know that messy play doesn’t have to be scary. You can bring the mess level down pretty easily! The trick is having age-appropriate expectations, planning for the mess, and teaching the kids how to interact with the messy activities appropriately.

Easter Messy Play Ideas

This is a collection of over 25 Easter messy play activities for kids. So you’ll find multiple ideas below. I’ve broken them up into two categories to make things a little easier. Take a peek and see which of the activities appeals to you the most. To get more details on those that interest you, click on the links (blue, underlined text). That’s all there is to it!

Messy Materials for Easter Activities

Take a look at your supply stash and see what items you already have on-hand. You might have enough to try out a few of the Easter messy play ideas! If not, head out to pick up what’s missing. Here are some of the materials you might want to grab for the messy Easter fun (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

That’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but it’s a great starting point! And keep in mind that you can make tweaks to many of the activities if you need to adjust things based on what you have. You can read more about messy play materials to have on-hand throughout the year, too.

Easter Messy Art and Crafts

Let’s kick off the Easter messy play ideas with creative messy fun! Here are some Easter-themed art and craft ideas that have the potential for messy awesomeness.

4 easter messy art activities
4 easter messy art activities for kids
5 ideas for easter messy art

So much creative potential in one place! Which of these arty Easter ideas would your students enjoy the most?

Science and Sensory Easter Messy Play Ideas

Now, let’s take a look at sensory and science activities to add to your plans!

5 science and sensory easter messy play activities
5 easter-themed messy sensory play ideas
5 science and sensory messy play ideas for easter

Here’s the tough part! Which of these Easter messy play ideas are you going to try with the kids first? I’ve been able to try many of them both at home and in the classroom. But I have a few new messy Easter activities to add to the list now.

More Easter Activities

Here are even more ideas for your Easter plans:

These may not be Easter messy play ideas, but they’re a good complement to the activities I shared above!

Easter Lesson Plans

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Easter Lesson Plans

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collection of kids' play ideas with text that reads easter messy play activities

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