35+ Ice Cream Stick Crafts Your Kids Will Love!

Ice cream stick crafts are so fun for kids, and these 35+ ideas will provide hours of entertainment! You’ll love how easy these are to make.

Ice Cream Stick Crafts

I’d like to share something magical with you. I know you’re probably not going to believe me, but I swear it’s true. I’d absolutely show you if I could.

I currently – in my possession – own the magic bag of endless craft sticks.

I’m not sure where I got it. It might have been the dollar store, but it also might have been Amazon. Or maybe it just showed up in kids’ crafting drawer.

Either way, no matter how many popsicle sticks I use . . . the bag always has more. I take out 20 for a project. Then grab one to dig something out of a jar. Then five for another craft.

I’ve been doing it for years.

I swear! You might be thinking I’m crazy, but you might also have a supply like in your home. Maybe it’s the never ending bottle of Windex. Or the box of matches that you’ve been using to light candles for 23 years.

Mine is ice cream sticks! So . . . because I have so many and apparently am going to until the end of time . . . I’m sharing over 30 ice cream stick crafts with you today.

Grab the children, grab the craft supplies, and enjoy being creative with these unique ideas! There’s a little something for kids of all ages, from preschool and toddler to kindergarten to elementary age. Plus adults can pitch it too.

Let me know what you think of these crafts in the comments! I’d also love to hear about your endless supply, if you also have one. Let me know that too. Happy crafting!

Ice Cream Stick Crafts

Learn how to make over 30 crafts with popsicle sticks! Kids are going to love these unique ideas.


Make an Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

Photo Credit: Amy Anderson

This DIY popsicle stick frame is so simple even a kid could do it. Decorate with fun patterns of washi tape.


DIY Popsicle Stick Bracelets Are Super Stylish

You've never seen popsicle stick bracelets like these! Learn how to make them super stylish with beads, paint, chains, and more.


God's Eye Baby Turtles

Photo Credit: Leslie Manlapig

You may remember making God's Eyes at summer camp? This is a fun version made with smaller ice cream sticks, colorful yarn, and a Sharpie.


Popsicle Stick Chalkboard

Photo Credit: www.caseperlatesta.com

If you're looking for the simplest way to make a chalkboard, popsicle sticks are fun! And yes, you can write on it and reuse.


Ice Cream Stick Floral Canvas

Photo Credit: plaidonline.com

This bright and playful canvas adds fun to any room! I love that you can customize the colors, or even make a larger canvas with multiple flowers.


Craft Stick Flower Pots

Photo Credit: typicallysimple.com

A colorful spring project to make with the kids, these craft stick flower pots are a no-mess craft and an adorable homemade gift!


God's Eye Weaving

Photo Credit: prettyopinionated.com

Make a simple God's Eye with two popsicle sticks and some yarn! You can make the most colorful craft, and kids of all ages will love it.


Superhero Puppets

Photo Credit: messylittlemonster.com

Kids love this simple superhero puppet craft. Make Batman, Superman, Ironman, Flash and Captain America puppets. There are free printable templates too!


Tractor Popsicle Stick Craft

Photo Credit: simpleeverydaymom.com

Make this fun tractor popsicle stick craft if your kids love vehicles, or to go along with farm themed education units. It's a cool art project to work on at home or in the classroom.


Popsicle Stick Monsters

Photo Credit: iheartartsncrafts.com

I absolutely love googly eyes! They're fun for Halloween, but these monsters are an example of an everyday use. Grab some scrap paper and get creative!


DIY Popsicle Stick Weaving Looms

Photo Credit: buggyandbuddy.com

Weaving is an awesome activity that builds fine motor skills, teaches kids how to blend colors and patterns, and helps with concentration. AND it's fun! You can make a loom with popsicle sticks.


DIY Wax Paper Lantern

Photo Credit: artsyfartsymama.com

With a few simple supplies, you can create a cute and bright wax paper lantern and have a great time! The color comes from crayon wax.


Popsicle Stick Flowers

Photo Credit: theresourcefulmama.com

Turn popsicle sticks into bright and colorful flowers perfect for either spring or summer! Try different color combinations with the buttons and petals.


Large Hanging Star

Photo Credit: plaidonline.com

Take a simple ice cream stick craft to the next level with this painted star project. Create for a 4th of July party, a summer BBQ, or just for fun on a rainy day.


Craft Stick Mandalas

Photo Credit: mamamiss.com

Who would have thought a simple, everyday craft material like craft sticks could be so much fun and give such endless hours of play?! Kids will love building the mandalas. You can glue them together or break them apart and play again and again.


Make a Folding Fan

Photo Credit: Leslie Manlapig

This is a cool craft because it highlights a traditional art form - fan making in Asia. This fan doesn't open as smoothly as its real counterpart, but it's still a cute idea.


Craft Stick Exploding Boomerangs

Photo Credit: icanteachmychild.com

These super-fun craft stick exploding boomerangs can be easily made with just four craft sticks in about 10 seconds or less. They "explode" on contact!


Mix-N-Match Snake Craft

Photo Credit: ladyandtheblog.com

This mix-n-match popsicle snake craft is just perfect for kids to get their hands on. Cute, colorful, and perfect for the warmer weather! 


Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Photo Credit: madewithhappy.com

Looking for a fun spring or nature craft, then Alli has you covered with this fun popsicle stick bird feeder. It's a great project for kids of all ages!


How To Make A Simple Newton's Cradle

Photo Credit: babbledabbledo.com

Learn how to make a simple Newton's Cradle, the classic science project demonstrating momentum! The frame is made with the sticks.


Popsicle Stick Ballerinas

Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon

Dance with us! Check out these darling little ballerinas, made with ice cream sticks, cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, and other basic supplies.


Clothespin Airplanes

Photo Credit: createcraftlove.com

These clothespin airplanes are a fun craft project for the kids! They were made for party favors for a kids' birthday, but you could use them for any occasion. Wouldn't they be fun hanging in various colors on a mobile?


Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Photo Credit: housingaforest.com

This is a simple project that your kids will have fun putting together. It only takes a few moments to assemble your own harmonica!


Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft

Photo Credit: ourkidthings.com

The cute thing about these little dinosaurs is that they actually stand! I love the bold colors and patterns of these little guys and gals.


Floating Popsicle Stick Boats

Photo Credit: www.hunnyimhomediy.com

You'll love this adorable floating ice cream stick boat craft because it's easy to put together and perfect for fun water play when you're finished.


Lolly Stick Play Mat

Craft sticks can do a lot, including sectioning off an entire village! You can make play mats, town areas, and even railroad tracks with them.


Best Popsicle Stick Catapult For STEM

Learn how to build a popsicle stick catapult for STEM! Uses pom poms or marshmallows so nobody goes down in the crossfire!


How to Make a Craft Stick Wall Hanging

Photo Credit: www.muminthemadhouse.com

This craft stick wall hanging is a super fun collaborative art project, or perfect for making over a period of time!


Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Photo Credit: plaidonline.com

This classic ice cream stick craft is the perfect way to keep your kids occupied while at home on a rainy day. Make a puzzle together as a family, then spend hours taking apart and putting back together each family member's puzzle.


DIY Mini Camping Set

Photo Credit: artsycraftsymom.com

These are the cutest mini tents I've ever seen! Learn how to make them with simple materials. Perfect for imaginative play.


Easy Beaded Rainbow Wind Chime

Photo Credit: howtothisandthat.com

This DIY beaded wind chime is an easy craft to make with supplies from the dollar store. Add colorful fun to your outdoor areas.


Craft Stick Rainbow

This craft stick rainbow is a great project that kids can make for St. Patrick's Day, spring, summer or a study of the letter R.


Alphabet Flower Garden Activity

Photo Credit: buggyandbuddy.com

This is a spring-inspired alphabet activity that provides an opportunity for children to play and interact with ABC's! Plus the flowers are cute, too.


Barnyard Farm Animals

Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro

One of the reasons craft sticks are fun for kids is they can be turned into just about anything. Make adorable barnyard farm animals with these cute ideas!


Popsicle Stick Unicorns

Photo Credit: booksandgiggles.com

This kids' unicorn craft is made with popsicle sticks! You can hang these adorable crafts up as ornaments or use them as puppets.


Popsicle Stick and Craft Felt Fish

Photo Credit: Stacey Gibbon

This DIY is a perfect summer idea! Make fish with felt using the colors of your choice! This is simple and so satisfying!

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