45 People Share The Juiciest Pieces Of Gossip They Know

Whenever someone starts a sentence with “you won’t believe what I have to tell you”, chances are you’ll be all ears. It’s just the way our minds work. Even if you don’t spill the beans yourself, refraining from listening to gossip might be a challenge.

The members of Reddit’s 'Ask Women' community couldn’t keep the juiciest stories they’ve ever heard to themselves. Their accounts range from family drama, to disastrous break ups, work-related matters, and more. We have gathered some of the most shocking and enthralling examples into the list below. Scroll down for the stories that seem too surprising to be true.


A guy I used to work with ended up marrying his sons wife… his grandchildren are now his step children

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Not as juicy as other stories here

Girl 1 was 'best friends' with girl 2 but would bully girl 2 for many things, one of them being the fact that she was born out of wedlock to a 16 year old mother. Girl 1's boyfriend leaves her for girl 2, entire school tells them "you make a cute couple" (they never said this when bf was with girl 1)

Girl 1 finds a new guy, proceeds to have a baby born out of wedlock less than a year later at age 17

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I’m from a small pretty wealthy village in Central Europe. A lot of gossip. The best thing that comes to mind: my mum’s cousin married the holiest of women in the village. She is always in the front every Sunday in church praying the loudest. They have multiple children together, all grown up now. One of the son’s didn’t look anything like her or his dad, but very much like a rich farmer from the village. Everyone talked about how he looks just like his twin (they kinda looked like blonde Elvis ?). Well he went on to marry the daughter of said wealthy farmer. Only after years of marriage when they wanted children someone must have told them what’s up. Apparently they took DNA tests and eventually they divorced. So. They were probably half siblings.

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A super famous guy in my last job's industry faked a brain tumour to cover up his drug problem, but apparently he's been found out because he was siphoning money away from his benefactors.

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Tales from a large and very dysfunctional family:

Identical twin sisters are very close. Twin A marries but can’t be apart from her twin so the newlyweds invite twin B to live with them.

The 3 get along great for 10 + years until twin B develops feelings for her BIL. Twin A is completely blindsided when they come clean and hubby asks for a divorce so he can marry Twin B

Family is shocked but refuses to take sides.
Twin A cuts all ties makes a new life for herself.

Shockingly twin B’s marriage also ends in divorce a few years later when she discovers that the husband is having an affair with his brothers wife. Thus taking the phrase”keeping it in the family” to a whole new level

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oh where to start! My uncle let his cousin and his wife stay with him since he had a bigger house and lived alone. Eventually we all figured out they were having an affair with his cousins wife and everyone suspects the younger child is my uncles. They all went their seperate ways and my uncle married another woman he hates, half his age who doesnt know he has a secret child. No one talks about it, just like we don't talk about my aunt who is gay and her "roomate" is actually her partner. Everyone knows but apparently we are just gonna pretend like we don't know.

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Umm my niece was sleeping with her husband's brother in law and her brother was sleeping with that brother in laws wife.

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My aunt has been married for 28 years to my uncle but only married him after breaking up with my family’s neighbor’s son 6 months earlier who she grew up with. My uncle doesn’t know this but she has spent every Wednesday with our neighbor’s son since they got married. Also her eldest son looks more like our neighbors than my uncle.

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Someone I know’s grandmother found her husband in bed with her own dad. (Husband + his father in law going at it)

This was in the 60’s, they stayed together and never divorced.

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I used to be in a Facebook group where drama would kick off constantly. It was a pretty toxic place but I stayed for ages just to lurk on the shenanigans. Probably the biggest drama was a woman who had been in the group for years since the beginning. There was a kind of core “in crowd” who basically lived most of their lives on this group, she was one of the most popular and well loved of them and had close online friendships with many members outside of the group. This woman had experienced lots of miscarriages and her child had died in infancy and she posted a lot about how she was really struggling with it. She recently had adopted a baby and everyone in the group was super supportive and she’d post updates all the time about how it was going.

Well it turned out that this person wasn’t who they said they was, they were a catfish with fake pictures and a whole fake life story. Basically some of the members became suspicious and did some hardcore online sleuthing and discovered the real person behind the photos and other things that proved they were a catfish. This person had made close connections with other people who had been through infant loss who had shared really intimate details of their lives with her. I believe she may have also taken money from people as well. When I tell you people went wild, it went on for weeks with literally hundreds of posts about it, thousands of comments, just absolute mayhem. People were posting photos of themselves crying, it was like someone had died.

Another thing that happened was one of the members discovered her partner had been cheating on her and posted a video that she’d found of him having sex with another woman and poking his finger up her bum. It then came to light that this woman was a member of a right wing white supremacy organisation. That was another wild one.

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My ex friend’s parents were going through a divorce it was getting nasty there were rumours but we weren’t sure the actual motivation for it. Eventually his dad was visiting where I lived and he got drunk while having dinner with and it all came out … I mean the fact that he had a secret love child with his secretary that he promptly shipped off back to her home country wasn’t the cause as everyone assumed, although he confirmed that was true. The actual reason for the divorce was he fell in love with their secret threesome partner… this was were the wife drew the line apparently…. Oh and the threesome partner was his friends wife just to top it all off!

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I grew up in a VERY tiny community. I lived just left from the middle of nowhere and we all knew eachother. When I was maybe 12 or 13 my best friend’s aunt got a little tipsy and told us that the local hairdresser and her husband were swingers and had approached her and her husband at a bar. Me and my friend giggle about it, but overall it wasn’t a shocking revelation.

This past year my best friend’s aunt died, it was awful and really shook the community. We were all sharing stories of her impact on our lives and I mention how she had told me and my best friend that the hairdresser and her husband were swingers and how it was funny at the time.

Now being an adult, my mom decides to let me in on the juicy gossip. Apparently it wasn’t just the hairdresser and her husband, but everyone who lived on their street! A whole suburb-like development in a small a*s town that was made with the entire purpose of swinging. Teachers, seamstresses, the guy that does taxes, everyone. So many absolute pillars of the community had settled and specifically made a swingers suburb. Whenever anyone had moved out of the area apparently it was an exile of the couple from the swinging group and was quite the debacle.

It was just common knowledge apparently, but I had reached the age to know about it. Now whenever I go on facebook once in a blue moon and see posts of them hanging out I have a giggle to myself and think of Aunt.

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A friend of mine was sleeping around and got pregnant. She had to have 5 or 6 paternity tests before she found out who the father was.

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My half sister's boyfriend (maybe 20? 21?) Has been cuddling with my stepmom (40). Apparently they're very close and love to touch each other and have regular 'spooning' time where just the two of them go lay down in my dad's marital bed. My half sister is apparently ok with it now, but she was very upset in the beginning. Can't imagine what he told her to make it sound ok.

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My high school history teacher/softball coach left his wife to marry one of his softball players after she graduated (and turned 18)

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Juicy gossip happened over the summer and when the teachers return to school we find out that the third grade teacher is getting a divorce. Shocking bc she’s married to her high school sweetheart, the only bf she’d ever had, been together 20 years. Apparently he has a whole other fiancé living with her and everything. His real wife thought his job involved a lot of travel but he was actually at the other woman’s house right across town. So here she is raising two kids. Running them to dr and sports and everything else while he’s getting laid.

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A friend went to visit her father who lives abroad and found out that he had a new wife…and child…and another on the way. Everyone knew besides her and her mother…who was still married to him!!!

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I had a roommate in college that was trying to get into modeling. She met a military guy and convinced him to buy her giant boobies within like a week. She moved out shortly after the surgery and I never talked to her again.

I stayed at the same house for a few more years and one day a cop comes knocking looking for her. Turns out, after the surgery, she ghosted the military guy and changed her phone number. Her moving out was so he couldn't track her down for the boobies money. I imagine the military guy was trying to sue her or something.

I never really liked her but it always makes me smile thinking about the absurdity of this story.

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The reason my friend got divorced is because his wife told him after they got married that she is Trans (FtoM) and wants to begin transitioning now that they are married.

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My friend's mom went camping with some friends of hers. They went on a hike and when they came back they could tell that someone had been rummaging through their tents. Nothing was taken though. They shook it off and eventually went home.

Well his mom took the film to be developed (remember those days?) and when they got the pictures they discovered what actually happened.

Some guy took all of their toothbrushes, shoved them up his a*s and took a picture with their camera. You know, the same toothbrushes they had been using that entire time.

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That my mother f****d my BIL and the whole dirt road community was going off about it. No one asked her because my sister said If she ever actually knew our mom did that she wouldn't be able to look at our mother or her husband again..... YIKES. I fight the urge to ask my mom everytime I think about it.

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17 year old boy got a 14 year old girl pregnant while at school, so the welfare department got involved. The boys mother worked for a lady lawyer, so she helped and advised the son on what to do. (Lawyer was in her 30s and married, no kids)

No clue what happened to baby but it never materialized so was either BS or miscarried. Next thing boy and lawyer lady are having an affair and she's pregnant with his child. Still together a year later.

Life can be stranger than fiction.

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I don't know if this is gossip but I found out my late grandfather had a illegitimate daughter when he was married to my grandmother. He financially supported the daughter until he died. My grandmother and family did not know about the daughter until after my grandfather died. They found checks made out to the daughter's mother in my grandfather's desk. The daughter also attended my grandfather's funeral too.


Worked at an assisted living dementia unit. The activity director “Barbie” was attracted to “Ken” who was a phlebotomist that would come in occasionally. Then, her boss “Kim” (who was also Barbie’s cousin) started realizing Ken was showing up more often. So one day she went back there and found them both in a patients room in the patients bed. Obvi, she was fired on the spot. Ken was fired from his job as well. Oh yeah, Barbie and Ken are both married…. To other people.
That would have been bad enough but it gets worse. The patients family had installed a camera in the room so they could watch Granny sleep. Kim knew about it but Barbie hadn’t been told yet. The family saw a lot more than sleeping. They were not happy.

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My loving, wonderful and dearly departed Papaw killed his first wife. Shot her!! I found out when I was 28 from a family friend. I asked my Mamaw about it later and her response was "Well....he said it was an accident.".... He was a mean husband but a loving dad and Papaw. I'm glad Mamaw went on to know true love after he died. Lost her in 2020. The world is a bit dim without her but she left me so much wisdom and laughter.

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In high school we were mostly boring kids, nothing too weird going on, BUT there was once this one thing that happened that was insane.

There was this chubby girl in our class that was really upset that she might go to university a virgin (although most of us did :P). And apparently, the boyfriend of a friend of hers that was also in class with us offered to "help" her while he was dating the friend.

Well, when this came to light and these 2 girls started fighting in class, another girl, thinking she'll help, said something like "why would you have trusted this guy anyway? he cheated on [insert 3rd girls name] too". To which, obviously the 3rd girl goes "WTF, he did that? With who?". And a 4th girl got thrown under the buss. All these girls were basically one big friend group before this came to light.

As it turns out, this guy would date a girl, woo her and be all sweet and romantic and when all of her friends would be jealous of her for being woo-ed like that, he would slowly start to work his way through her friend group by being sweet to her friends with lower self esteem.


A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend and slept with his guy who she had the biggest crush on for YEARS. A few days later she started getting a burning in her vagina. She thought it was a yeast infection. NOPE! It was herpes.

However, the guy she slept with had never had a herpes outbreak prior to the current one so his herpes was new too. Where did guy A get the herpes from? He slept with a woman who had a recent herpes outbreak. This woman also slept with guy A's FATHER and is now pregnant!

But where did the herpes originally come from? From guy A's father.

So to sum up this woman is now pregnant, they don't know if the childs father is father or son, and now everyone has herpes.


Last year I lived in a house with two other women and one man (were all in a postgrad course together). There was girl a, girl b and the guy.

Girl A was really close friends with the guy. Like REALLY close. Texted daily, woke each other up with instagram posts, cooked together, basically in a relationship without the relationship. He even got drunk once and told her he would be jealous if she brought another guy home. She of course caught feelings because who wouldn’t?

Girl b disliked this guy immensely, even went as far as making some pretty insensitive comments about his appearance to his face. Despite this everyone was friendly and the first few months of living together went smoothly.

So after girl A caught feelings, she told girl B and myself. I stayed supportive but didn’t influence her decision about whether to tell him or not- I just want to pass my course and get my degree. Girl B, though, was rather pushy about girl A disclosing her feelings for the guy- would ask like every other week if she had told him about her feelings yet, encouraged her to tell him, etc.

Girl A finally disclosed to the guy that she liked him. He said the feelings weren’t mutual, and she took it like a champ, still wanted to be friends with no weirdness. Then, about 5 days later, he says he’s interested in girl B and wants to pursue a relationship with her. Cue confusion.

So girl B comes to girl A and says she actually ALSO has feelings for this guy, and would girl A be okay if she pursued a relationship? Of f*****g course not. She just disclosed her feelings 5 days ago, this is still raw, everyone’s living together, no way. She says she’d prefer if she didn’t do that right now since it still stings.

Guy comes home and explodes at girl A. How could she EVER think she had a chance with him, she’s way too heavy for him to ever be interested, she has completely ruined his chance with girl B because she had hurt feelings and now his life is terrible because of her.

Long story short, girl B and the guy had been secretly f*****g for two months after everybody went to bed. Girl B knew girl A liked him and still slept with him, and actively encouraged girl A to tell the guy she liked him.

Guy moved out, blaming everyone else for his problems. I moved out not soon after because I was stranded with these two girls and the house dynamic was weird. Last I heard girl B and the guy are still together. They deserve each other.

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My accountant who does my taxes told me she does taxes for a wealthy lady who owns multiple properties. Apparently this lady’s husband was having an affair, found out who the affair partner was, but she wasn’t planning on calling him out on it until she saw the affair partner on the news because she had been arrested. What was she arrested for? The affair partner had ALSO been in another relationship with a married man and they conspired to kill his (also wealthy) wife for the money. So she finally calls out her husband on the affair, asking if they were planning on doing the same to her, and he ADMITS EVERYTHING. Apologetic, whatever. She leaves him, didn’t report him, and then she finds out her ex husband has a terminal illness. For whatever reason (I guess she pitied him), she decided to be his caregiver until he died.

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My fiancés cousin just got divorced because his WIFE found him passed out on the couch with Grindr open. He had cheated on her with men every chance he got the entire time they were married. Grocery store, gym, work- every time she left he invited someone over. He slept with his male best friend after she went to sleep on a camping trip the three of them. No one in the family knows this but me and her. My fiancés brother’s wife cheated on him with a male stripper in Vegas. And his other brother’s wife couldn’t decide who to let raise their daughter because she was hooking up with him and another guy at the same time who offered to raise her as well. I walked into family drama at every angle that no one knows but me ?

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Chick I worked with was sleeping with our manager. Which wasn't against company policy but was frowned upon. Then they decide to get married after they find out she's pregnant. A year later, baby is born, and everything is great. Then our manager gets fired, and his wife takes his position. We are confused because it was so sudden, but things happen. Then she files for divorce and tells everyone her baby was the company owners. This sends everyone into chaos because the owners wife was pretty close to this chick. So now our workplace is a battle ground. Eventually, the owners wife files for divorce.

But that's not even the twist. Found out later that the baby was my ex-managers baby. This chick was just trying to "move up in the world" and tried to pin the kid on the owner. They did sleep together but well before her pregnancy. And she admitted this to me and a few other "trustworthy people" right before our company shut down.

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As a hair stylist, I hear a lot of crazy gossip. Sometimes I’ll get a client and they’ll refer their sibling or parent or some other relative. I just have to pretend I don’t know s**t when they start telling me gossip about other clients. It’s wild.
A friend/client of mine referred her aunt and she was very comfortable telling me a lot of her personal business. Aunt wouldn’t stop telling me how much she hates her son-in-law and vice versa. They despise each other. Her and her daughter are very close and I was thinking maybe she’s just overbearing or overprotective of her. She then refers her daughter to me. I don’t tell her anything her mom says to me. Daughter tells me that her husband cheated on her before so she’s just mentally checked out of their marriage. She knows he lies and says he’s staying late for work when he’s actually seeing some other girls. She doesn’t care anymore, she just stays for the kids. Because of this, her mom hates him and tries to keep the kids away from their dad. She takes care of the kids when the daughter works cause the husband won’t show up to pick up the kids just to avoid seeing her. SO fast forward a couple weeks later, we cycle back to my friend who originally referred them to me. She asked me how the appointment went. I said good, I was vague about it, I just said that it seems like they’re going through a lot. She then spills the beans.
Long story short:
The woman that the daughter’s husband was having an affair with is her OWN MOTHER. He cut things off with her and she now hates him and makes his life difficult. The daughter doesn’t know. The mother’s husband knows she had an affair but doesn’t know it’s with the son in law. Several people in the family know but no one is telling them. It’s a f*****g mess.

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Husband and I were out to dinner one night. Overheard a conversation from a nearby table, it was three older men talking about a very specific, unique clause in their insurance coverage that saved them a lot of money, one that very few people know about. As they kept talking, we discovered that my husband works for the same organization.

Later that night, when we got home, we looked up the clause online. Did some digging. Discovered we're eligible for the same coverage. It has saved us several thousand $ over the last few years.


One of my coworkers, who had a twin sister, slept with her twin's boyfriend on a regular basis. She actually lost her virginity to him. They would even have sex when the other twin was present in the same house doing chores. She used to tell me she had purchased special lingerie to make him happy.

Fast forward to the present: My coworker's twin sister is currently engaged to the guy, and she has a boyfriend.


I (25F) used to work at a casino in a small department. My boss (45M) was never inappropriate with me, or made me feel uncomfortable. He’s also married, with five kids, the youngest is a year old. One time I left work and realized I left my wallet in my desk, so I went back to get it. When I got there, everyone had already left for the day but my bosses’ office door was closed, and the light was still on. My department was very particular about leaving lights on for some reason so on my way out, I figured I would help him out. I opened his office door only to find him having sex with this other married woman from my company. I apologized and ran out. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to him or not, but he never said a word to me about it. Fast forward 6 months, I no longer work there. My old boss has been obsessively texting me, asking if he could taste me, saying he’s been fantasizing about me since day one, etc. I started to confide in a friend who still worked there because I was uncomfortable with everything he was saying… turns out my old boss has slept with almost every single woman that worked at the casino. No joke. And I know that because he kept a black book of secrets, and accidentally dropped it in the parking lot when leaving work one day.

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I work security cameras at my job. I noticed that my partner, girl A, would leave and be gone for literal hours. I started noticing she was going to hang out with a new hire, girl B, every time. Eventually, I noticed on night shifts they were taking their breaks at the same time so I started paying attention. Sure enough on night shifts, they were going out to one of their vehicles and gettin it on.

Girl A recently got married to a man (sometime last spring) before all this started happening (this winter).

Another coworker reported seeing Girl A in her apartment complex taking out the trash (not where her and her husband live). We're assuming her husband found out and they're separated because of this whole fiasco.

Basically don't mess around in a job where there are cameras everywhere. I see everything ?


This is the best I have (I think it’s pretty darn good)
I (25F) regularly went to church growing up and was part of a big youth group (about 25/30 kids) which is quite big considering it’s a church in a small town in the UK. The youth leader, let’s call him, Gary was a sweet guy, humble and had a good humour. Generally people liked him, but I remember my parents always finding him awkward/hard to talk to. He had a cool wife, let’s call her Lisa. Lisa very sadly got cancer around the time I left the youth group. Over the years the cancer got worse, covid happened, and in covid they had one of the youth girls (she was 17/18) who was an intern at the church lodge/ move in with them. Lisa passed away about 1 year into the intern moving in.
Exactly one year after Lisa’s death, Gary and the intern girl got ENGAGED. Baring in mind - his children are two boys ages 14/17 and so now they have a step mum that is only a few years their senior!!! Also not forgetting that Gary is a YOUTH leader now married to a 19 year old. He’s late 40s


Well, I found out that my grandpa had a surgery por a penile implant (those that you can inflate/deflate by a mechanism stored in the balls) to be able to have sex with his mistress that he rents a house for.

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My ex flatmate, she was 22 at the time, played rugby at a local rugby club. She started sleeping with her 52 year old, married rugby coach. He was even expecting a grandchild at the time. Naturally, the wife found out and sent her messages about how she ruined her family and wanted to know why. The flatmate showed no remorse and would tell us how crazy the wife is. She thought the rugby coach would leave his family for her (he didn't). All of us flatmates were very disgusted with her behaviour. She then continued to sleep with very old (30+ years her senior), dodgy men so we figured she must have some pretty serious daddy issues.


When I was younger, my dad used to take me to his married "friend's" house. I'll call her Lassy.
I didn't think anything of it because I had known her and her sons since I was born(more on this later). It started to get awkward when my dad got a girlfriend.

I would get yelled at or silenced for asking to go to her house and play with her sons and when my dad would take me to the mall or park we'd come home and my dad's girlfriend would privately take me aside and ask me if we went to Lassy's house and on some occasions I told her we did because that was the truth. Obviously this led to fights, her making me promise to tell her whenever we went, and my dad asking me to promise him I wouldn't tell her or else I couldn't play with Lassy's sons anymore. Eventually, there was a day I woke up to brush my teeth, and my dad's gf was in the bathroom peeing. When I looked at her face, it was green and purple and horrid-looking. I was about 4 at this time, so I felt no shame in asking her what happened to it. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and was like ," I went to Lassy's to see if your dad was there, and she punched me in the face." After that, my dad stopped taking me to Lassy's house.

When I was a bit older, I expressed to my mom how I missed Lassy and her sons. My mom let me know that Lassy was my dad's lawyer when he won custody of me. She helped my dad and his friends lie in front of a court of law about my mom's character so that he would win... the most messed up part about it is my dad literally kidnapped me before he won custody, but he made everyone think that my mom was crazy so nobody believed her in court.. also, he wanted me to be aborted when he found out I existed loll.

Anyway, I found out from my aunt and my grandma that Lassy's youngest son is my illegitimate brother. Lassy and my dad were banging during throughout the whole custody battle.

20ish Years later, I tried to find them on social media. I couldn't find her sons, and her Facebook profile seems fake? It has really weird photoshopped pictures, and she never responded to the message I sent her years ago.
My dad, his gf, and my new siblings moved states away about 7 years ago, and they were just married on new years day of this year.

I don't think my brother knows any of this but I wonder what good it would do since he has a whole life, a loving father figure(her husband) and my dad and his now wife I imagine wouldn't like to revisit this time in their relationship. Part of me wants to just bring it all up to appease the heart-broken 4 year old in me, realizing she couldn't see her buddies anymore. I'm an adult now though and I talk to my toxic-a*s parents as little as possible. Hopefully, one day I can find my brother without going through them.

If you see this, I hope you're doing well and wish you the best Matthew?


This is some anime s**t, I’ll try to make it short:

In UT, USA, there is a company that sends college students on a mini English teaching program outside the country. The idea is you teach English for them and then give you a cheap housing and time to travel in said place.

The catch is you have to follow the owners strict religious morality rules such as- you can’t date anyone in your group. (This included no sex and alcohol)

I ended up in China in a group of 22 people. The trip was built for 6 months.There was a best friend pair that came, call them N and H- N is male and H is female. Their story is they are childhood best friends. Their families know each other ect ..

Ok cool, childhood best friends, who cares. Oddly enough no one in the group would’ve cared if they were dating or were going to- because non of us cared about the stupid moral rule. Even the ‘leaders’ of the group, a young couple and an unhinged barely 19 year old didn’t care.

It’s that they legit lied,denied and manipulated the secret that was their relationship. H told us that she had a fiancé at home… yet she came on this 6 month trip with her male best friend. You can imagine the gossip that surrounded the group. It was all about the building evidence of these two liar lovers. You can tell the tension between them when they were fighting and when they were flirty.

It came to a HUGE just giant confrontation when H’s roommate went through her camera to see if she had any photos of herself from a trip they had just taken. lo and behold found a picture if H and N kissing in front of a temple.

This blew up as she went around showing everyone the evidence that finally validated everyone’s suspicions. H and N still denied it and claimed it was an accident and that H cheated on her fiancé. Which was totally f*****g dumb because why would u rather admit to being a cheater ?

Turns out N was her fiancé. Better yet N’s middle name was the made up fiancés name. They married as soon as they came home.

Wildest s**t ever.

Fun fact, met my husband in this group. Lol.


Okay so a little bit of back story on why I even cared about this gossip…. I grew up VERY religious (Mormon) and when I was in middle school a new couple moved to my small town that was Mormon too. Now this couple was not like other Mormons. They were so fun and cool and dressed really funky, and to cut a long story short, they quickly became my idols. I wanted to be just like the wife and have a perfect little family just like theirs.

Fast forward twelve years (I am long out of the church) she announces on Facebook that her husband was leaving her. I don’t remember the whole post, but it was long, cryptic, and dramatic so everyone just kind of assumed he was probably cheating on her.

Like a month later he starts posting pictures with this lady that honestly looked exactly like his soon to be ex wife. After a little digging I find out that not only does she look very similar, but she was really good friends with her! She was her employee and had kids that were similar ages so they did everything together.

The new couple came out that they’re in a relationship and really really quickly got engaged. The ex wife posted about how disgusting it was that they announced their engagement days after the divorce was finalized and for months that was it. We all just assumed he was cheating on her with her friend and decided to leave his marriage and start a new one. It wasn’t until ex wife made one more post and came out to everyone that they were actually a throuple for years and that when she asked her husband to go back to being just them, he refused and left her. This was shocking to say the least because monogamy and heterosexuality are kinda required in the Mormon church. They all ended up leaving the church and now coparent lol.


I used to work at a bank as a lower level manager. The bank was expanding and I knew there would soon be an opening for a job above me, so I spent about a year working hard, bringing in business, to try for the promotion. There was another person on my level, we’ll call her Ava. Ava had a young child and would mostly sit around at work and complain about her husband. I genuinely liked her and thought her husband sounded awful. But our boss, we’ll call him Tony, would frequently give her credit for my work.

I understood why, when he promoted her over me. I was disappointed and confused but continued on with my job. I started to notice though that Ava and Tony (also married with young children), would go to off-site meetings a lot together and leave me to run the branch. I felt resentful that I was passed up for the promotion and now doing the job.

So I confided in an employee, who was a long-standing friend of mine outside of work, we’ll call him Greg. I never made any accusations, I just told Greg that Ava and Tony were always leaving and going to meetings together and I didn’t understand why. Greg said “come on, you’re really going to be jealous like that?” We had multiple conversations about it, where he always told me I was crazy/jealous that Ava got promoted and to stop worrying about it.

I didn’t feel comfortable anymore so I left the job. Ava left shortly after to a different bank for another big promotion. Then her husband died by suicide (not gossip, it’s very sad I know), and less than a few months later she had announced on Facebook that Tony had left his wife and the two of them were together. She moved into his huge house that he had built with his wife and they got married in a huge fairytale wedding like this all wasn’t the product of a bunch of sneakiness and quid pro quo.

A few years later, I ran into Greg’s ex girlfriend and we had a long conversation about everything that went down. Apparently during the time he was dismissing me, he was also stalking Ava. His ex told me he was obsessed with what was going on between Tony and Ava and was constantly driving by their houses to see what cars were there, etc. It caused the end of his relationship with the ex because she felt like the only explanation was that he had feelings for her.

Ava and Tony are still happily together.


There was a group of 6-8 best friends. They always lived together for many years, went on vacations together, worked at the same place, everything through and after high school together. There was couple A and couple B and then a few other friends. The two guys in the couples were best friends since kindergarten. The girl and Guy in couple A had been together for all of high school and then 3 years after. Couple B had been together for 1-2 years. (The girl in couple B was a terrible human whom I disliked strongly at the time also so this gossip was 10/10 for me)

So couple A girl and couple B guy, had been sleeping together for MONTHS behind their partners backs, and hid it from all the other friends in the house. They would f**k while boy A was asleep in the other room. They would sext and snap nudes while they all were hanging in a group! They would run errands together, as they normally would anyways, but just to sneak off to f**k. They found out because girl A’s bff found out and she told her own bf who was not living there at the time. The two boy’s friendship was shattered. The housing situation got really sticky real fast, the girl in B was devastated obviously (which that was sad I felt bad, but I was only happy that she moved away abruptly) Girl A had her car keyed and most of her friend group hated her for a bit. Guy B also had some backlash but in true societal fashion had very minimal effect’s compared to the girl.

Even though both cheated on their partners and destroyed life long friendships and relationships.

The funny part is now they are all friends again somehow, the cheaterss (girl A boy B) are still together, and Girl A is severely jealous because her Ex Bf now has a hotter girlfriend then her ? even though SHE CHEATED ON HIM.


When I was in my sophomore year of college, I had this adorable professor. He was very soft-spoken, and my hard of hearing a*s could never hear him. I had to sit in the front and pay very close attention to learn. Nevertheless, he was great at what he did, and I wanted to take more classes with him in the future. I tried to look on Rate My Professor to see if he taught other classes. I didn’t just ask him because I was really timid and hated drawing attention. Anyways, I accidentally stumbled upon a plethora of news articles about him killing a newborn baby. The charges were dropped after he spent years in prison because there was no solid evidence that he did it… it was really dark stuff. I kept it to myself because that’s just something I didn’t feel like discussing with others because who know, maybe it was unintentional. Maybe, he was framed. However, it f****d me up to think about.