66 People Share Where The Smart Kids From Their School Ended Up

Long gone are the days when you have to go to reunions to learn what your former classmates are up to. All you need now is social media. Just log into Facebook, Instagram, or some other platform they're on and stalk away. Many share so much of their personal lives that it makes it quite easy.

So when Reddit user Desperate_Bluejay330 asked people "What happened to the smartest kid at your high school?", the replies immediately started pouring in, reminding us that you never really know what the future holds. Continue scrolling to check out some of the most interesting ones.


He was actually quite overweight. When he left for college, he was studying physics. Couple of years later, I learned that he lost 175 pounds, became super into fitness, dropped out of college and became a gym trainer.

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I still talk to him. He's a good friend of mine, still. He's an engineer at Google now. I am not.

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He does some kind of morbidity projections for a hospital in a major city in Europe. The reason I know this is because in April or May of 2020, he posted on Facebook asking someone to call him because he was afraid he was going to hurt himself. I literally hadn’t talked to this guy since probably 5th grade (we went to the same elementary school and then different middle schools. When we got to high school, he had skipped two grades. We weren’t really friends in high school). It was 9 or 10 at night where I live so probably about 4 am where he lived. It was late, and I was worried nobody would see his post. I couldn’t have lived with myself if he had done something and I hadn’t called. So I called him using Facebook messenger. He was drunk and thinking about jumping off his balcony. His whole job was predicting covid deaths, and the numbers he was coming up with were terrifyingly high (and accurate), but nobody was listening to him. We talked for a long time. We both cried some. It was the weirdest thing - I literally talked him off a ledge. He didn’t jump, and now he seems to be doing great. He quit drinking, got back into running, and got through the pandemic. I think of him often, which is weird considering we were never really what you’d call friends.


He went on to study Business and Chinese and now he's a businessman in China

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Became a doctor, decided it wasnt for her and went to law school. Is currently a barrister as far as I know.

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I married her

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He's a scientist (something related to nutrition) and a big fitness Youtuber

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She went to college, got her Master's degree, started medical school, got pregnant and has been a stay at home Mom for 20 years.

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The one older than me went to MIT and then Stanford. He’s doing something tech related in Silicon Valley or something like that.

The one younger than me (and I never knew he was this smart) wound up at Harvard Medical and then was a Fulbright Scholar. He’s a doctor in New England somewhere and his wife is also a Harvard doctor.

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I was friends with the guy who had the 2nd highest GPA in our class. He created a business renting out and managing office equipment. I lost touch with him, but I just Google his business. It's still open, and he's still the owner, after 15-20 years. Glassdoor says it's worth 5 to 25 million USD.

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He went to college and double majored in business and biomechanical engineering at a very good school. Graduated, and is apparently doing research for some big company. Dude is smart as f**k.

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Completely fell off the radar. I assume he's running some sort of nefarious thinktank for a huge tech company or something.

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Not my class, like 15 years after I graduated. I visited my hs to see an old teacher who was retiring. While talking to the principle he tells me about this student who was legit one of the most brilliant students the school had had in decades. He wanted to be a chef. (I am one). Cut to the graduation and he is due to give his speech.

The one they approved was totally dropped. He gave a scathing tirade against all the teachers for not supporting him and kept pushing him to not follow his dreams and to just go to regular college. I heard it was brutal.

(Kid had a scholarship to several top culinary programs already, his family owned a successful restaurant).

He is a happy chef. His family doesn’t support the school anymore.

My years smart folks are all married and grandparents by now.

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Went to West Point. Knocked up his girlfriend his junior year, so automatically disqualified from attending (you couldn't have dependents and attend a military academy at the time, not sure if that is still true). Married the girl, got divorced a couple of years later.

Enlisted in the Army to fulfill his service obligation, finally became an officer in his early 30s and is now flying blackhawks. Got remarried and has two kids with the new wife. Seems genuinely happy.

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Professor at Cambridge University

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He barely graduated due to giving up on public school, joined the army for one term to get out of his rural improvised town. He struggled for 15+ years to make ends meet and at his mid 40s is finally buying a house and is on track to retire at 55.

Being the smartest out of a class of 100 isn't that exceptional.

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There were 3 I would argue were the smartest. They were all neck and neck for the valedictorian and salutatorian title. 2 of them I was never really close to so I have no idea what they're doing exactly. One of them moved out half way across the country and had a child and the other was a johovahs witness and there was something about them not being allowed to go to university for what they wanted to do. Other than that I don't know what they're doing.

The other was actually a good friend I knew since the 3rd grade but we fell in and out of each other's lives. Life changed directions for them as far as aspirations go. Originally he was part way through a master's program for human kinetics but he realized it wasn't going to pan out as expected so he went into teaching. Now he's married, has a kid and overall happy I believe.

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Graduated college early, worked with data/stats, quit the job to raise her kids and bake fancy cookies. Seems genuinely happy.


Has 6 kids to 5 different fathers & is currently being investigated for massive benefit fraud.

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She got her Ph.D in Chemistry from Harvard and is now Dean of the Science Department at our local state university, of about 20k students. Went to a high school in a town of about 4,500 people. Still see her occasionally.


He dropped out if uni and became a bartender. Made fun of me and bullied me because i was failing at math and science in hs. Now I have an engineering degree and last I saw him, he was still living with his parents.


So the valedictorian is a dentist. The person I believe is the actual smartest person (I think she was 3rd in our class) is getting her PhD in physics of some sort.


The smartest kid: Went to an esteemed Aerospace university but had to move back home due to medical issues. No idea what happened to him there.

The valedictorian (smartest on paper): Works as an OBGYN in upstate New York.

The most successful: A musical tiktok star with 12 million followers.


My best friend was arguably the smartest kid in my school, or one of the smartest. Had a lot of inner demons, passed away young because of those inner demons.

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She graduated from college, got married, had 5 kids, and homeschools now. She and her husband lived way below their means, saved every penny, invested in trailer parks, and retired early. She goes on cruises twice a year and makes a mean homebrew in her basement. She is me. Thanks for asking!


I graduated in a class of 18 people (Edit).

I was co-Valedictorian. Thanks to social media and my mother sending me the local paper for years, I can tell you what happened to all of them:

Two are dead. Three are in jail, including my co-Valedictorian (child molestation). Three work in healthcare (RNs and radiologists, etc). One is a FEMA inspector (she’s in Kissimmee right now). Two work for the Cherokee Nation. One is a roofer. One has been fired as a jail guard (violence toward inmates) and kicked out of a church as pastor for embezzlement. One is a high school basketball coach. One is an openly gay cop in Austin, which I find fascinating considering where we came from. Two are meth heads who dropped off the map.

And I got college scholarships, left my shitty town for an English degree and the promise of the Great American Novel. Instead I became a college advisor, married a college professor, had a great kid later in life, and then semi-retired last year to be the single cook at my son’s small private school. Today I made Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas with a roasted tomatillo sauce from scratch. Truly living my best life. #Classof88

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Male: Got a 4.0 from a top public university, studied Financial Mathematics, became a quantitative Trader

Female: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from an Ivy and is now in Medical School

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He’s a Captain for the US Navy.


He was my investment advisor. I wasn’t overly impressed with him but I trusted him. We are all retired now.

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He became an astronaut, a doctor, AND a Navy seal. And was even nice in high school. Disgusting.


He took 6 years to finish college and graduated with a chemical dependency problem that took another 6 years to get over. He has a low key job now and is reliable, if unremarkable. Some would say he never realized his potential, but he's content and doesn't really care what people say.

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He was gay and now is a gay priest.


Teaches English in Japan


One's a Partner for a highly renowned financial firm. The other is either a surgeon, or in his residency to become one.


Dropped out of med school and is a Kindergarten teacher.


Smartest girl: is enrolled in a special Law program which takes 6+1 years to complete, saw her on the news recently for scoring all of her year's exams cum laude.

Smartest boy: dropped off the face of the Earth internet-wise, no activity from his social media whatsoever, so I can't tell you.


Funny, she didn't pass the admition exam for the carreer she wanted in Uni. Three years after she finally got in, she was expelled for cheating.


I was the smartest in my school, I am now in university and have become the depressed average student with no skills or social life.


he had disappeared, and since nobody heard about him

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He's a NASA scientist, while I just come on Reddit

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He lives in the same small village he was living in when we were in school, is married with kids and apparently works in an office in the nearest town. He had aspirations of becoming a surgeon when we were in school, it didn't happen, but it sounds like he's living a good life regardless

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She's currently going to medical school at Duke University.

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He had a offer to work on a nuclear submarine I s**t you not. But he failed the drug test.

The last person he smoked with. Me.

I felt horrible.

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Got falsely accused of SA

Won the court case after proving he wasn't in the town when the SA supposedly happened

Nearly unalived himself

Got sent to US where he now is

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He went to Oxford Uni.

I couldn’t stand the kid, but his life’s going pretty well so fair play to him.

He had that arrogance about him, that just made you want to punch him in the face, but he was too scrawny to punch without looking like an a*****e.


Knew a guy who was really smart, but also was kind of a s**t bag. He got caught a couple years back producing a ton of Fentanyl at his aunt or grandmas house I think.

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Last I saw our class valedictorian, 40 years ago - when we were about 21, he bragged about he and a couple of friends breaking into a logging company's powder shack to steal the explosives. He was disappointed that they failed to ignite under the bridge they had selected.

It is very depressing to know that I'm stupider than him.

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Valedictorian with perfect SAT. Kind, approachable and funny. Everyone assumed he would want to go into law or become a doctor. Instead learned traditional dance and joined a well respected dance troupe performing at cultural events and weddings. Was honored to have them perform at my wedding. Still an amazing human as far as I know.


One studied medicine and emigrated to Australia. He's a flying doctor now.

The other, who did even better at A levels stayed in the small town we went to school in and got a job in a bank. She never went to university as it was against her parents' wishes - despite her lifelong dream of teaching. I have no idea what happened to her, she never got social media, it's like she dropped off the face of the earth.


Columbia Med School. Brain surgeon.


Stanford, dot com millionaire, married the homecoming Queen.


Four years after high school graduation, he was driving back to Yale from spring break, weeks from graduating with highest honors, and then starting a Rhodes scholarship, when his car was hit head-on by a truck. He was killed instantly. We all believed he would be the first African American president of the U.S.


Dated me for about 4 years (first mistake).

Was Valedictorian.

Went to Duke University.

Last I heard she dropped out her sophomore year right after we broke up, but I don't know what happened after that. This was nearly 20 years ago.

That was the high school I graduated from. The previous high school I went to:

Was Valedictorian.

Went to Texas A&M.

Got kicked out for setting a couch on fire on the quad.


Last I heard he was a well known, very successful attorney in Massachusetts.


We had two: one is a music producer getting her PhD to become a professor, the other is Disguised Toast.

I am on reddit with a bag of nachos.


He now works at my old high school. Teaching Math. He was smart as s**t, but as ambitious as a slug


She went to U Miami, became a lawyer, got addicted to cocaine and died of an OD.
Doesn’t matter how smart you are.


Got a scholarship to become a civil servant. Will eventually have a hand in running the country


Working for NASA as an aerospace engineer.


After graduation at our high school, he did four years of University, I went to his wedding right after University Graduation. She was probably the smartest girl at our high School. Got a job with Lockheed Martin real quick. Nobody has seen him since. I could see him in a top secret government lab inventing anti gravity flight. Whenever I hear about a UFO sighting, I say “ Oh that’s just Bill”


I became a lawyer, live alone and feel unfulfilled


Brain surgeon.


Went and got a doctorate in physics and now works as a logistics corrosive m coordinator for an energy company.


Planned for med school from the time I met him in 8th grade. Even signed yearbooks "MD2B". Went to med school through the program where the military will pay for a few years service. Somehow, through his Air Force service, started working for National Security. Never became an actual doctor.


Got a scholarship to Harvard. No idea what happened after she gave her valedictorian speech.


Became a pretty successful lawyer.