Free Halloween Printable Books for Kids

If you’re a fan of using printable books with your students, you’ll love this collection of Halloween printable books. Each of the books are free printables that work well in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms.

The Halloween emergent readers help young children practice a variety of important early literacy skills. And many of the books also encourage other early learning concepts, like fine motor and math skills.

Another bonus of most of these Halloween readers? Almost all of them are very easy to prep. If you have a printer, scissors, and a stapler then you’re good to go.

collage of readers with text that reads halloween printable books

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Take a peek at the list of books below and then add your favorites to your Halloween activities for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Of course, you can technically use these readers at any point during the year! Especially if your students love talking about holidays and dressing up in costumes.

Halloween Printable Books

This is a collection of printable books for Halloween. So below you’ll see a few different links. Each of those links leads to an individual post about an individual book. You’re able to access the various printable Halloween books within each of those posts.

Materials for the Halloween Books

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of the books included in this list are very low-prep. So you really don’t need much to get them ready to use with the kids. Here are a few suggested supplies to have on-hand for assembling the books (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

That should be all you really need to get the books assembled and into your students’ hands. Here are a few additional materials you can use with the various Halloween printable books:

The witchy fingers and spider rings are great for encouraging children to point at words as they reread the mini books. Let the kids choose one and place it on a finger. Then challenge them to use just that finger to point along as they read. Of course, this process will look different for each child depending on their ages and needs.

Printable Halloween Emergent Readers

Here are some Halloween printable books that your young children are sure to enjoy! The books listed below are all focused on Halloween or items often associated with Halloween (bats, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, etc.). And they’re printable readers the kids can write and draw directly in.

4 halloween emergent readers
  • With the I See Halloween Emergent Reader, kids read about the items often associated with Halloween. It comes with two versions, one of which leaves room for kids to practice writing the word ‘the’.
4 halloween printable books for kindergarten and preschool

Each of the above books has some repetitive text, high frequency words to practice, and simple corresponding illustrations. Make them with your students and then be sure to keep the books to reread together often!

A Few More Printable Books for Halloween

As I was compiling this list for you, I came across some additional Halloween printable books that were a little different than what I shared above. I still think your kids will enjoy them, but I wanted to add them to a slightly different category.

coloring books and other halloween printables for kids
  • The Colorful Monsters Printable Book combines literacy and arts/crafts as children use various materials to make colorful monsters for each colorful room in the monster house. The words that accompany the art are a free printable.

The printables above are more focused on crafty bookmaking, social stories, and coloring books for Halloween. Kids can still have a blast while learning and playing.

Pumpkin Printable Books

To me, pumpkins deserve their own category. Sometimes they’re considered Halloween symbols, but not always. I tend to keep them as separate entities in my own head. But just in case you want to add some pumpkin readers to your stash of Halloween printable books, I’ve got you covered!

5 pumpkin printable books for fall and halloween

Which of these Halloween printable books do you think your students will enjoy the most?

More Halloween Printables for Kids

If you loved this collection of Halloween printable books, check out some more printables for October:

Halloween Lesson Plans

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