Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & Activities

Teachers need ready to use, EASY to prep, and FUN activities for Kindergarten SOR phonics. No Fuss, just great materials that are ready to be used and contain Science of Reading phonics materials for Kindergarten Students. PLUS, we need decodables. If this is you… keep reading. And I have a special sorting mat freebie at the end for you to snag.

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables

I have been diving into and eating up all research that helps promote students learning to read, otherwise known as The Science of Reading. One book that really helped make things click for me was A Fresh Look at Phonics by Wiley Blevins. He seems to break down phonics information into bite size pieces that just make sense.

What I learned that I was doing so many elements inside phonics correctly as well as showing me some small changes to instruction or additions to instruction that I could be doing to make my instruction even better. One thing I need more of is decodables. How about you?

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables

Starting Off with Letter & Sound Cards

When diving into Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables, lets start with the basics: letter cards and sound cards. We have appropriate letter cards with both the letter and path of motion version. The sound cards come in black and white and color rich version.

Research Based Approach

I use these as an introduction to the letter. We follow this with a guided letter formation practice using a sensory approach. My school uses Orton Gillingham approach to phonics instruction with the Recipe for Reading letter order. But I needed MORE than just a book for guide instruction. I needed more appropriate Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables, just like you do.

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables

Does your school focus on speed of instruction verses quality of instruction? When I began teaching, we paces lessons out to get deep into letter learning. We concentrated on handwriting, using the letter we learned to build words, and reading with the sounds we learned about.

In more recent years, there has been a shift to cover letters and sounds quickly so little learners can cover more in Kindergarten. Sometimes this comes at a price; do using what we are learning consistently so that learning builds and builds. Let’s change this for ourselves and our learners.


Let’s work on handwriting fluency with fluency strips and hand writing practice. (Check out the RED handwriting paper and purple fluency strips.) Additionally, let’s add direct phonics instruction to our routine that just makes sense. It is systematic, review oriented, and with the learner in mind. (Those are shown in white above.)

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables has decodables.

Adding Decodables

As I stated before, using decodables is my biggest weakness. It is almost impossible to find readers that take in mind what MY learners know with phonics and sight words together. When I talk to other teachers, they tell me the same thing.

As I was building up and redoing these activities, I knew I needed to add sight words to the phonics outline so that I could create decodables for my learners and yours. Sadly, my school’s sight word requirements are very rigorous. Therefore, I made sure you have decodebale reader options to meet everyone’s needs.

Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables has printables decodables.

To start, everyone gets sight word cards and a one sheet decodable printable. This can be for assessments, homework, or just one on one learning with the teacher. Additionally, we have matching print & fold decodables to match the one sheet printables.

How to Start

First, you need to have a clear picture of the phonics outline and what activities are included in these Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables & decodables. Next, look through to see how you can break down the activities for your instruction and school. I have included a guide for how to teach one or two letters per week.

Building Skills

Keep in mind that as your learners gain more phonics knowledge, they can extend skills to grow their learning. This is how Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables should be… growing and growing. You should start by grabbing this phonics outline that covers Kindergarten SOR Phonics Printables.

One example of growing learning is this. On letter #7, rhyming is introduced and activities to cover rhyming as integrated into the lessons and a center activity with only decodable works in INCLUDED in that phonics pack.

More so, on letter #11 we begin writing CVC words and that idea is incorporated into the lessons AND an extra activity is included in the learning pack.

Check Out These Phonics Packs

Quick Freebie to Share

Finally, I made this simple letter and number sorting mats that are PERFECT to use with those Target Dollar Spot erasers.

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