Phonics Task Cards

Get ready for some fun because the Phonics Task Cards are here! These hands-on task cards are a great way to help students focus on targeted phonics skills in an engaging way! Plus, they require minimal prep and can easily be used at any time of the day to fit with your busy teaching schedule.

This packet comes with 1,000 task cards, offering a variety of ways to play and build fluency of phonics skills.

Which Phonics Skills are Included in the Phonics Task Cards?

  • Alphabet* (40 Cards)
  • CVC Words (120 Cards)
  • CVC’s (Plural) Words (120 Cards)
  • CVCe Words (120 Cards)
  • Simple Double Consonants (120 Cards)
  • Blends (120 Cards)
  • Digraphs (120 Cards)
  • R-Controlled Vowels (120 Cards)
  • Vowel Teams (120 Cards)

*Alphabet Cards will have fewer task cards than the other phonics skills.

Let’s take a look at each activity!

1. Tap it and Map it Cards

Students pick a card, say the word, tap each sound and map them using a manipulative. These are great for students who need extra help with segmenting sounds within a word.

I’ve included direction cards that can be stored with the activity for easy access.

2. Map and Graph Cards

For these, students say the word and tap it. Then they use manipulatives to graph each sound and graph each letter. Finally, they write the word.

3. Missing Letters Cards

Students say the word, identify the sound of the missing letter, write the missing letter and write the word.

4. Roll it, Graph it, Write it Cards

Students roll a die, say the word, graph each letter and write the word.

5. Segment and Blend Word Cards

Students touch and say the sounds for each letter. Then they blend the sounds to say the word.

6. Stretch, Blend and Match Cards

Students say the sound of each letter, blend them together to say the word and clip the picture that matches. This activity helps students identify that words correspond with meaning.

7. Read and Match Cards

Students read a word and draw a line to match it to the correct picture.

8. Tiny Roll and Read Cards

Students roll a die and read the words in that column.

9. CVC Tiny I Spy Cards

Students read a word and find the picture that matches. Then they check it off once they find it. Kids love these little I Spy games!

10. Roll and Read CVC Game Cards

This activity can be played with a partner. Students roll a die, move their game piece and read the word.

What about storage?

I’m not sure about you, but I love the perfect organization! These task cards are printed 4 to a page, so they fit perfectly into the photo storage containers!

If you are looking for more games for phonics practice, check out the Phonics Made Fun Curriculum: Click Here.

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