Reunion Play Date 2022

 We had the immense pleasure of catching up with old kindergarten friends at our           'Reunion Play Date'.

The heart could hardly take it, there were so many friends to reconnect with, it was such a feel good overload! 

When we originally posted our invite we thought maybe 10 or 15 people would RSVP...we quickly realized this was not the case as our post went viral...(hmm slight exaggeration she said laughing) however, we did have to change the time in order for us to accommodate friends who had expressed an interest in attending.  We were feeling loved and excited to catch up with everyone.

Planning began and of course there would be food!

The concept of Manakitangi is important to us at Bream Bay Kindergarten and we work hard to action qualities such as generosity, kindness, respect and care.  The provision of kai has always played a central role in us expressing to people how much we care and appreciate them and is such a quintessential kiwi way of showing hospitality, care and unity. 


To have children return to this space and display such confidence and respect as they eloquently blessed the kai and those present was amazing.  The two year old watching the older tamariki in this photograph so precious.

It is fair to say, our share table was a huge success. 

Knowing that tamariki would be interested in seeing if kindergarten was as they remembered, we set up a few play stations for them to revisit their experience.  

The usual suspects such as the climbing tree and the swings still proved popular.

As children revisited the environment we heard comments to warm the heart "kindergarten was the best time ever...I miss kindy...hey the tree is still here...I used to love doing painting and drawing...I remember..."

Funny...the monkey bars seemed so much taller way back when!

It was such a blast watching children revisit favourite play activities, rediscovering the joy that being with friends in playful pursuit offers.

Teachers noticed that children were still drawn to the same things!

Imaginative play, all about dragons.

...dressing the babies

...puzzles always a hit



Winnie the Pooh said "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen" and it's true, our adventures together at kindergarten provided a wealth of happy memories and we had so many fun things to reminisce and talk about.  

Our absolute favourite thing about this event was seeing the progress and growth of tamariki shining, confident, capable, happy and thriving. 

 As kindergarten teachers our time with our youngest friends is sometimes fleeting as they progress to school, and the knowledge that inevitably memories of early childhood fade.  

As teachers we aspire to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of children and families...this day was magical for us as we saw, felt and heard children's accounts of a well loved and joyous kindergarten experience. 

 Be still our beating hearts, what more could we ask for! 

To our good friends; past and present tamariki and whanau of Bream Bay Kindergarten we say thank you.  You've made and continue to make it easy to come to work, a live worth living.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to come along and spend time with us, you truly made our hearts glow! 

Until next time, arohanui.
 Your good friends at
 Bream Bay Kindergarten