Segmenting Words With Robbie Robot

One of my favorite things to teach in kindergarten is writing.  
In order for students to be able to write they must be able to hear the individual sounds in words. 
The students need auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning to make that connection between letters and sounds.  
We have been having so much fun segmenting and blending words with "Robbie Robot". 
(THANKS to Deanna Jump for sharing her brilliant idea.)

After the students write the CVC word on his/her whiteboard,
I will write it on the SMARTboard.  

They LOVE to partner read with each other! 

This activity is so simple, but so fun! 

CLICK RIGHT HERE to watch the video of Deanna Jump sharing how to make this critical skill fun with Robbie Robot. 
Deanna also shares a FREEBIE for Robbie Robot.  

You can find a mixed vowel CVC booklet for your students to read.