Snowman Cup Stacking STEM Challenge Cards

This set of Snowman Cup Stacking Challenge Cards has challenges for children of various ages and fine motor abilities. The set has simple challenges that focus on four cups. After the simple challenges, there are cards that feature ten or more cups.

The snowman cup stacking challenge cards have been field tested with kindergarten through second graders. However, children younger than five and older than seven will probably enjoy exploring them.

Getting the Snowman Cup Stacking STEM Challenge

First, you will need to download the set.

Second, if you don’t have Acrobat Reader you will need to download it. The algorithm page is an Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Third, you must go to your download file and open the page.  You may be asked if you want the file to open right after downloading it. You won’t have to hunt for it in your download file if you are.

Exploring the Snowman Cup Stacking STEM Challenge

Explaining the Snowmen

While most children will look at the upside-down snowman and know it means the cup is upside down, others may be confused. The upside-down snowman’s head is narrow. Its body is wide. There may be children that think that means the narrow cup base goes on the bottom. Please take a moment to explain this to them.

If they end up building structures that are the opposite of the card, you can decide if you want to correct them. It may be important to you that you build it just like the card. It may be important that they just practice cup stacking.

After exploring some of the more challenging cards, children may want to build their own structures. ( That is what happened with my students.) It would be fun to take pictures of their structures and make them into challenge cards. They can have a picture of their structure on the front of the card. Then they can try to draw their structure with snowmen if they think it will translate well to a flat picture.

Building Background

Before starting this activity, you may want to do another snowman activity with your children to read them a snowman-themed book.

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This kit is another way to build snowmen with your children.

Building a snowman with LEGO is also fun.

Children will have fun building snowpeople with clay.

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