Spider Shape Mats Free Printable

These spider shape mats are just what you need to add to your collection of preschool shape mats! They’re a great way to practice math and fine motor skills. Plus, they’re very low-prep.

You can use the spider web shapes with a variety of materials, from play dough to mini erasers to dry erase markers. Versatile printables like these let kids practice early concepts in so many ways.

Whether you’re working on shape recognition, counting, patterning, or more, the spider shape playdough mats are a great tool to have available.

octagon spider web printable with words that read: spider shape mats

I think the web shape mats would go well with a preschool or kindergarten spider theme. And they’d be great as part of your Halloween activities for preschoolers.

No matter when you decide to use the shape mats, read below for a few different ways to use them with your students.

Spider Shape Mats

Take a look at how we used our spider shape mats with play dough, dry erase markers, and little toy spiders. And then, at the bottom of this post you can print out your free spider shape mats!

stack of preschool printable spider shape playdough mats

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It’s always fun to hear how other people use these shape mats, so if you’ve come up with a creative use for them, let me know in the comments.

Materials For the Spider Shape Playdough Mats

If you have printed out my other shape mats, you might already have these supplies. I love for kids to be able to use the printable shapes with a number of different supplies, like these (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Of course, you can add items you love to the list, or just start out with materials you already have in your supply closet!

How to Prep the Web Shape Mats

A big bonus with printable shape mats is that there really isn’t much prep. You just need to print them out, and protect them by laminating or popping them into a dry erase pocket. Then they’re ready to go.

The shapes included in the free printable spider shape mats are:

  • circle
  • diamond/rhombus
  • heart
  • hexagon
  • octagon
  • oval
  • pentagon
  • rectangle
  • square
  • star
  • trapezoid
  • triangle

Plus there’s a page with multiple small shapes. You can print any or all of the shapes you want to use with your kids.

child's hand tracing shapes on spider web shape mats

Then just set out whatever materials you will be using. Look around for any small Halloween or arachnid craft supplies you might already have!

How to Use the Printable Spider Shape Mats

There are so many options for using shape mats! That’s why I prefer printables to preschool worksheets (which tend to have just one use). Gather up a bunch of supplies, and then give the kids ideas for how to explore the shapes.

printable spider shape mat for preschool with child's hand spreading play dough on it

Have the children use dry erase markers or Crayola washable markers to trace the outlines of the shapes. Encourage them to count the sides out loud as they do so. The kids can even trace the names of the shapes!

Whip up a batch or two of play dough, or buy some pre-made. Have your students shape the play dough right onto the mats to create the shapes. Or let them roll out play dough “snakes” and form these around the perimeters of the shapes. If they’re feeling adventuresome, challenge the kids to form the shapes freehand by using the mat shapes to refer to!

triangle spider shape mat with mini erasers

Let the children use manipulatives and loose parts to trace around the perimeter of the shapes. Then have the kids count how many items it took to trace over each shape. Or see how many pieces it takes to fill in the shapes. The kids can practice their pincer grasp by using their fingers, or place some kid-friendly tweezers out to use. They can also use a small spider or other manipulative to travel the lines around the shape, counting each side as they go.

octagon spider shape mat with plastic spider rings

Challenge kids to find other items in the classroom or at home that match the shapes on the mats. How will YOU use the spider shape mats with your students?

Spider Facts

Here are some spider web facts to share alongside the shape playdough mats. Spiders are fascinating to kids (I must admit, I have to hide how much they give me the heebie-jeebies when I’m talking about them with children)!

  • Most spiders don’t catch more than 2 small insects per day in their webs. So if they can make a bigger web, they have a better chance of catching a larger insect.
  • Many spiders make a whole new web every day.
  • Some spiders do not spin webs. Instead, they hunt their prey.
  • Short hairs on spiders’ feet allow them to walk upside down on ceilings and over glass.

Here are some more fun spider facts that should keep your kids entertained while they explore the spider shape mats.

More Spider Activities

If you want to build on the preschool spider shape mats, feel free to peruse these spider activities that your kids are sure to enjoy:

Spider Lesson Plans and Resources

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Click on the images below for more information about each resource:

Spider Lesson Plans
Collage of images which include two pages from the 5 little spiders sing-a-long activity, with text that reads
Five Little Spiders Song Pack
Little Miss Muffet Lesson Plans preschool resource cover.
Little Miss Muffet Lesson Plans
Cover of preschool pumpkin dramatic play set.
Preschool Pumpkin Dramatic Play

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