Turkey Calendar Numbers Free Printable

If you like swapping out your calendar numbers every month or holiday, these turkey calendar numbers are just what you need.

The turkey numbers can be used with your classroom calendar of course. But they can also be used to practice so many early math skills with preschool and kindergarten kids! From number recognition to one-to-one correspondence, and so much more.

You can incorporate the numbered turkeys into your Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers, a bird theme, or just because. Be sure to get the free printable at the very bottom of this post.

multiple views of number cards with text that reads turkey calendar numbers

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Read below for prepping tips, as well as some ideas for how to use the turkey numbers with your students!

Turkey Calendar Numbers

Yes, I know we don’t necessarily “need” to have different images on our number cards. But they add a bit of whimsy to math lessons and activities, don’t they? And they change things up for the kids, which tends to up their engagement and interest. So I’m going to keep making and using calendar numbers like these!

How to Prep the Turkey Number Cards

Start off by gathering the materials you’ll need to prep the number cards. Here’s what we used (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Once you have the basics, go ahead and grab any materials you’d like to use alongside the turkey calendar numbers. Here are some possibilities:

After you have all of the supplies ready to go, it’s time to prep the turkey numbers. First, grab the free printable at the very bottom of this post. Then save the file to your computer and open it in the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader. Print the numbers out, making extra copies if you want.

child holding turkey number card 17

Next, cut the numbers apart and run them through a laminator (this allows you to use the calendar numbers for years to come). And then you’re ready to use the cards with your students.

Using Turkey Calendar Numbers in the Classroom

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to incorporate the turkey numbers into your classroom. Below are some of our favorite ideas, but don’t let them hold you back from coming up with your own preferred uses.

Of course you can use them for their named purpose, as part of traditional or linear calendars. Even if you just have a calendar up to generally keep track of the days during the hectic month of November, these cards come in handy.

pile of pumpkin pie and turkey numbers

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Pair the turkey calendar numbers with our pumpkin pie calendar numbers to practice patterns with your students. You can do this on your calendar, or you can do so during math small groups or math centers.

Challenge the children to put the numbers in order from 0 to 35. Once they have that down pat, see if they want to try reverse numerical order next.

turkey calendar numbers 1, 2, and 3

Make multiple copies of the turkey numbers (or use another set with the turkeys). Set some up in a grid with the cards face down and play a memory game with the kids. They take turns checking two numbers to see if they can find number matches.

Put together a simple sensory writing tray with sand (or another favorite sensory material) in a shallow tray. Let the kids use their fingers to write numbers, using the turkey calendar numbers as visual cues.

Set the number cards out along with math manipulatives and loose parts. Have the kids practice one-to-one correspondence by placing the appropriate number of manipulatives next to each card. Encourage the children to count out loud as they do so.

child placing craft gems next to turkey number cards

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Use the numbered turkeys to measure the kids’ structures in the block center. That leads to some fun conversations involving sentences like, “My house is 20 turkeys tall!”

You can use the calendar numbers for so many math activities. These are just a few ideas to get you started. How do you plan to use them with your students?

Learning with Turkey Numbers

In case you’re wondering (or in case someone asks you) what concepts the kids can practice with the turkey calendar numbers, I have a list for you. Mind you, this isn’t an exhaustive list. These are the concepts that I tend to use the cards to explore:

  • Number recognition
  • Patterns
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Graphing and data analysis
  • Number formation
  • Numerical order
  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Measurement

Don’t forget to get your own copy of the numbers at the bottom of this post.

More Turkey Activities for Kids

If you and your students enjoy the turkey calendar numbers, I have some more turkey ideas for you:

You can find even more turkey activities and ideas for November on my Thanksgiving Pinterest board.

Turkey Math Games

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If you want to extend the math learning after using the turkey calendar numbers, these turkey math games are perfect! Click on the image below to get your own set.

turkey math games product cover

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Get the Turkey Calendar Numbers

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child holding number 17 with text that reads free printable turkey calendar numbers

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