12 Craft Room Ideas Every Crafter Would Love

Have you ever dreamed of having an amazing space to create in? If you do, then you definitely need to check this post for some awesome craft room ideas.

12 Craft Room Ideas Every Crafter Would Love

Good organization in your craft room will give you best results from your work. Organizing your craft room is important to keep track of all the materials that go into crafting, not only it straighten up your supplies but it also saves you time knowing where all your stuffs are stored. Here are some awesome craft room ideas to help you set up a proper space for crafting.


1. Repurposed Ironing Board


A unique idea to organize your spools of thread. See how here.


2. Turn Frames into Organizers

This is such a cute idea – practical and adorable. See how you can make it here.


3. Frame Pin Cushion

This adorable pin cushions make perfect little gifts! Make it with this tutorial.


4. Use Buckets and Hooks For Storage Solution


This is cute! Mix and match buckets, wire baskets and hooks
to create an amazing combination of storage solutions. Get the instructions here.


5. Scissor Storage

This is an amazing idea to organize scissors. Everything looks neat! See how you can make it here.


This neon coil bowl really brightens up a room! Here are 13 craft projects for spring: http://t.co/lD5qvqYYoy #diy pic.twitter.com/4NBv4ClBmD

— DIY Projects (@DIY Projects) April 15, 2015



6. Hanging Ribbon Organizer


What a clever way to organize your ribbons. So easy to make and
accessible, too. Get the instructions here.


7. Gift Wrap Organizer


Your gift wraps look so pretty hanging on the wall with this organizer. It makes all your paper easy to reach.  See how you can make it here.


8. Yarn-holding Coffee Can Cubbies

This is very cool and inventive! Get the instructions here.


9. Pencils Containers From Upcycled Plastic Bottles


See how pretty and neat it looks! This is a nice idea to recycle old plastic bottles. Get the instructions here.


10. Acrylic Paint Storage Using Spice Racks

This is a fabulous idea, very creative! Check it out here.


11. Glitter Storage

This handy little carry case is so ideal to take anywhere when you feel like crafting.  Check it out here.


12. 15 Sewing Room DIY Organization

These 15 sewing room DIY organization ideas will definitely solve all
your problems with your messy crafting space.


To learn more ideas on how to design a craft room, check out this video from Grig Stamate:

What’s your favorite idea to keep your craft room organized? Let us know below in the comments! 

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