45 Wooden Dowel Projects for Your Home

When it comes to the home decoration, there many ideas and ways that you can choose from. There are always innovations to decorate your home in an aesthetic way. Starting from updating home decoration styles to utilizing new materials to create beautiful home decorations. In this case, have you ever thought that wooden dowels could be used for your home decorating projects? The answer is absolutely yes. Using wood dowels for home projects is a great way to add some flair to your space. Dowels are durable and versatile and you can use them to create a variety of craft projects. Well, if you need new ideas to enhance your home decor, wooden dowels could be your thing. All you need is your creativity.

45 wooden dowel projects for your home1

Adding wooden dowels to your home is a great way to get an individualized storage system for your home. For example, you can build a paper towel holder using a one-inch dowel and some wood glue. Or, you can use a longer dowel to make a ladder for pots. Adding hooks for keys, bags, and coats will help you get organized. Next, you can use the wooden dowel to create a plate rack. A vase can also be made from wooden dowels. Even, if you are crafty, you can make a table or other furniture with wooden dowels. Wooden dowels also a great way to organize your craft supplies. They are strong, versatile, and provide a clean, finished look. You can also use them in many different craft projects. Here are a few ideas for how to use them.

Christmas Wreath with Deer Ornament from vintagerevivals

Copper and wood blanket ladder

Copper and Wood Blanket Ladder from diys

Hanging clothes rail

Hanging Clothes Rail from diys

Wood tea light holders

Wood Tea Light Holders from diys

Wood washi tape holder

Wood Washi Tape Holder from diys

Wooden baby gym

DIY Wooden Baby Gym from diys

Accent wall made of dowels

Accent Wall Made of Wooden Dowels from apartmenttherapy


DIY Tall Wooden Vase from apartmenttherapy


Wooden Dowel Planter Box from apartmenttherapy

Plain cabinet into a mid-century vintage

Vintage Mid Century Plain Cabinet from apartmenttherapy

Poster frame

Poster Frame from apartmenttherapy

Top of your cabinets

Top of your Cabinets from apartmenttherapy


DIY Wooden Dowel Bookshelves from charlestoncrafted


Clothing Rack DIY Wooden Dowel from hellonest


DIY Nursery Closet with Dowel Organization from hellonest


DIY Dowel Wall Organizer from hellonest


Combination of Dowel with Leather Hook from hellonest


Standing Dowel Clothing Rack from hellonest


DIY Wooden Dowel Plants Holder from vintagerevivals


Frame Map Wall Decoration from idealhome.co.uk


White Paint Dowel Table Legs from idealhome.co.uk


Natural Dowel Bed Frame DIY from idealhome.co.uk


DIY Dowel Bed Frame Design from apartmenttherapy


Christmas Tree Shaped Window Dowels from hgtv


Dowel Rod Plant Stand DIY from brepurposed


Wooden Dowel Jewellery Holder from dwellbeautiful


Wooden Dowel Menu Framed from grillo-designs


Dowel Rods for Plates Rack from grillo-designs


Modern Dowel Open Bookshelves from grillo-designs


Standing Dowel Rack Kitchen Storage from grillo-designs


Scandinavian Style Dowel Leg Nesting Table from apartmenttherapy


Shelf Supports Ideas from apartmenttherapy


DIY Wooden Dowel Coatrack from apartmenttherapy


Leg Dresser Design from apartmenttherapy


Magazine Folding Rack from apartmenttherapy


Hang Dowel Installation from curbly

Diy dowel rod chandelier

DIY Dowel Rod Chandelier from curbly


DIY Scandi Framed Mirror Design from curbly


Woven Wall Hanging with Dowel Accent from curbly


Combination of Dowel with Fabric Swing from curbly

Iy dowel rod washi tape holder

Dowel Rod Washi Tape Holder from curbly

Rod hook shelving

Natural Rod Hook Shelving from curbly


Wooden Blanket Ladder with Modern Interior from curbly


Repaint Wooden Dowel Wall Hanging from curbly

Diy wood wall coat rack

DIY Wood Wall Coat Rack from curbly

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