A proper shoe storage system can mean a lot and makes a huge difference in a home

Without it the entryway seems messy and you can’t really avoid that. Of course, when it comes to the actual design and structure of the shoe storage system it’s up to you to decide what the priorities are and what makes most sense for your home and lifestyle. Check out a few of the options below.

This copper pipe shoe rack keeps everything in plain sight which can be convenient in some cases as there’s no need to open and close doors or drawers every time you need a pair of shoes. It’s a step up from keeping the shoes on the floor because now you can organize them better and thus also save some space. Check out the tutorial for this on freshcrush.

If you’re ever in need of a temporary solution when it comes to shoe storage and organization or if you simply want something casual and simple, something that you can put together yourself with basic supplies which you already have, check out this DIY shoe rack featured on apieceofrainbow. It’s made out of cardboard and it has these triangle-shaped slots that can hold one shoe each.

Believe it or not, you can also use empty cans to store and organize your shoes. Paint cans are perfect for house shoes, flip flops and other such things because they can comfortably hold one pair each. You can screw the cans into a wall or a wall-mounted back panel, either inside a closet or in plain view. This idea comes from craftynester.

Many would agree that an actual shoe storage cabinet would be the grown up option so let’s check out some options, starting with the one from shanty-2-chic. This cabinet has four shelves in the middle which can hold most types of shoes and four tall and narrow sections on the sides for boots.

Just how you can use wooden crates to make a custom bookcase, you can use some to build a shoe storage unit. Each crate is a shelf so to speak, a module in which you can store one, two or even three pairs of shoes, depending on type of size. You can stack the crates and arrange them however you like, based on how you plan to use them. Check out the tutorial for this project on creatingreallyawesomefunthings.

If you usually like to browse, to look around and find the perfect pair of shoes for a particular outfit, you might enjoy a lazy susan shoe rack. It’s a cool idea for the dressing room or the walk-in closet and it’s surprisingly space-efficient given that it actually has a circular base. You can built it with as many layers as you want. Check out alldaychic for instructions.

A honeycomb pattern is another cool idea which you can explore when building your own custom shoe storage system. You can fit such a rack inside a section of your closet or you can consider this a freestanding unit. Another possibility is to have the modules mounted on a wall in which case the hexagons could fit between existing furniture pieces and can be combined to create all sorts of geometric shapes. For more details on the project check out designertrapped.

Put your shoes on display with a ladder-style rack inspired by a retro design. You can build this yourself or get a ready-made one, either way, you’ll end up having a way to proudly display your collection while also keeping your shoes organized and easy to grab. You can add this to your dressing room or the entryway. The idea comes from apairandasparediy.

A large shoe rack similar to a bookcase would suit those with large shoe collections and would also be practical in family homes. You can have designated shelves for different types of shoes based on style, size, color and other criteria. If you’re interested in how such a system is built, check out jenwoodhouse to find out the details.

Storing all your shoes under the bed may not sound like a very good idea but we’re not talking about simply tossing everything under there without even looking. We’re talking about an actual storage system, with compartments for each pair of shoes and a practical way of getting everything in and out. Check out anikasdiylife to find out how you can build such an organizer.

This shoe storage system reminds us of how cardboard tubes can be used to organize cables. The idea is pretty similar actually. To make this shoe rack you need large cardboard tubes which you can find at your local hardware store (look for cardboard concrete form tubes). You can spray paint them and then glue them together to create a shoe organizer like the one featured on instructables.

You might be able to repurpose an antique mail sorter into a wonderful shoe cubby, assuming you can actually find out. When you think about, the design is perfect. The cabinet has all these small modules which can hold a pair of shoes each (or a single shoe in some cases), making it super easy to organize everything. You can keep the boots underneath. This cool idea comes from sincerelysarad.

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