Adam Savage is Selling New Sortimo T-Boxx Organizers in Orange

Adam Savage Sortimo T-Boxx Launch

Adam Savage, of Myth Busters fame and Tested, launched a Sortimo T-Boxx organizer, in orange.

The case is orange, except for the black plastic handle and latches, and it has clear lid.

This is an orange version of the Sortimo T-Boxx G 16 set, which comes with 16 removable bins in a variety of sizes.

Adam Savage Sortimo T-Boxx in Orange

Here’s a list of the bins it comes with:

  • 6x inset boxes 1×1
  • 4x inset boxes 1×2
  • 2x inset boxes 2×2
  • 2x inset boxes 1×4
  • 1x inset box 2×3
  • 1x inset box 2×6
  • 4x dividers IB 1×0
  • 4x dividers IB 2×0
Adam Savage Sortimo T-Boxx in DIY Mobile Rack

Adam put together a mobile Sortimo T-Boxx rack in his recent video (linked-to below). You can also use these with official Sortimo T-Boxx accessories.

Sortimo T-Boxx G 16 Organizer

Sortimo completely changed up their T-Boxx lineup a few years ago, replacing their color-coded inset box assortments with new case and bin styles, all black. The larger of the new bins have slots for dividers.

The black T-Boxx 16 is $83.70 from Sortimo USA. Adam Savage’s orange Sortimo T-Boxxes are priced at $105 each. You get a 20% discount if you buy 5 or more. Savage Industries says that anyone who intends to purchase more than 10 should contact them via email.

Adam Savage Sortimo T-Boxx with Custom Logo

The lids sport a custom Savage Industries logo.

In my opinion, Sortimo T-Boxxes – at least the older style with color-coded bins, are excellent. There is, or was, a style where the volume is split into two levels, allowing for 92 compartments in a single box – that one’s awesome. No other brand I found comes close to that storage density.

The tricky part is that this isn’t the type of organizer you buy just one or two of. Value-wise, it makes better sense as part of a system – a rack of 4 bins, a tower of 10, and so forth.

If you buy 5 or more cases, the price comes down to $84 each, which matches Sortimo’s pricing organizers with the same configuration.

Maybe Savage Industries can do better when you order 10 or more, or perhaps higher quantity orders require custom quotes due to shipping fees. I didn’t ask; I figure they didn’t publish higher quantity pricing for a reason.

These are the same boxes that have been on the market since Sortimo’s redesign, but in orange.

I’m going to pass on them – I’m still filling Milwaukee Packout organizers I bought on sale – but if I were to buy any more Sortimo T-Boxxes, it would be these from Savage Industries, rather than the ones with black cases and bins from Sortimo.

I imagine this collaboration came from Adam’s team fielding an abundance of “where can I get organizers like that?” messages every time they are mentioned or appear in the background of his YouTube videos.

If the organizers sell well, what might we see next from Adam Savage and his team?

Price: $105 each, quantity discount is available

Following is Adam’s One Day Build Sortimo T-Boxx storage cabinet video. Similar construction concepts can be applied to other brands’ organizers and tool boxes.