Can Confirm: Adding a Lazy Susan to My Fridge Makes Staying Organized and Minimizing Food Waste So Much Easier

Living in an apartment means I am constantly thinking about space—the amount I have, the amount I don’t have, and the amount I wish I had—and how I can stay organized to avoid feeling like my belongings are caving in on me. This is especially true for my kitchen. While I am lucky to have more cabinet and pantry space than I have ever had before (the plus-side of living in an apartment that has hardly been renovated since it was built in the 1960s),  staying organized can still feel like a challenge.

Since moving into my space, my fridge has been a sore subject for me and my grocery bill. It’s fairly spacious for an apartment-sized fridge, however, it isn’t very functional and the back of it often becomes a wasteland of half-used jars of Rao’s pasta sauce (which, at nearly $10 a pop, is not ideal), peanut butter, chicken stock, and other items I buy all too frequently. With this in mind, I made it my mission to go full Home Edit on my fridge at the beginning of this year, and ordered several different types of refrigerator organizers—including a lazy Susan—to help me get started.

I was more excited about the chic clear bins I ordered than I was about the lazy Susan and, to be honest, I actually thought I’d end up returning the turntable because I wasn’t convinced it would make that big of a difference. Much to my surprise, the lazy Susan is just about the only organizer that still lives in my fridge and is one of the most used and beloved aspects of my kitchen organization (so much so that I also added one to my spice cabinet). This thing rocks — well, actually, it turns.

To help combat the food waste, I placed the lazy Susan toward the back of my fridge with jars, bottles, and other items that are often half-opened and almost always go to waste. From there, I placed shorter items, like my carton of coffee creamer, in front so I could still see what is on the turntable (and spin it to grab items) while utilizing the front half of the fridge, too. With this method in place, I not only avoid over-buying pasta sauce and other grocery items, but I also stay organized since I have to be mindful about where I place items around the turntable in order to still see.

Long story short, it’s a total game-changer. It’s helped me achieve my original goal of a neater, more organized fridge with room to spare. As a bonus, I’ve become more sustainable, as I can use up all those half-empty jars of pasta sauces and chicken stock before I go buy more, cutting down on food waste while putting money back in my wallet. Take my word for it—this kitchen hack will *turn* your fridge into a masterpiece.

4 lazy Susans that belong in your fridge ASAP

Best overall

YouCopia, FridgeView Fridge Turntable — $15.00

When researching the best lazy Susans for my fridge, I looked at dozens of options before landing on the YouCopia FridgeView Fridge Turntable. This $15 lazy Susan is designed specifically for the refrigerator, equipped with a a non-slip design that can withstand the cold and is easy to wipe clean. With a 10.8-inch circumference, it’s an ideal size for the top shelf of the fridge—not too big but also not too small—and the short lip on the side helps keep items in place and prevents them from topping over onto the shelf.

Best with sides

Home Intuition, Round Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable — $16.00

For those who want nix the threat of bottles toppling over or spilling, check out this deep, bowl-like turntable from Home Intuition on Amazon. This under $20 fridge organizer features tall 3.5-inch sides and is completely clear so you can store items securely while still being able to see what’s actually inside. The lazy Susan is a fantastic choice for the fridge, but could also be used in the pantry, under the sink, in cabinets, and on countertops for more convenient cooking.

Best set

Homeries, Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer Set — $20.00

If you have a larger fridge and want to add two turntables to the shelves for more storage, the Homeries Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer value pack is a great choice. This set comes with either two, three, or four lazy Susans, so you can get exactly what you want for your organizing needs. The turntables also measure slightly bigger than others on our list, each with an 11.5-inch circumference and short side-lip to keep items in place, similar to the one I purchased for my fridge (though you can also purchase it with a taller side if you prefer).

Best sectioned

Oizeir, Lazy Susan Turntable — $16.00

Sometimes, even an organizer needs additional organizers. Whether you plan to use your turntable for snacks or want to store produce items such as berries on a lazy Susan (that would look so cute!), the Oizeir Lazy Susan Turntable from Amazon is worth a try. This acrylic fridge organizer measures 11 inches in circumference and features a spinning disc with four removable acrylic pins that fit neatly together like pie slices. We love it because you essentially it’s essentially an organizer within an organizer, keeping everything neat and tidy. You can also separate the bins from the turntable if you want to use the turntable on its own, or vice versa.