How We’re Embracing Quarantine Life | Week 4

It's so easy to get into a funk with the state of things right now and about once a week I just have an off day. I think it's okay and almost necessary to give in to those emotions and then refocus. If you're interested in a great article, this one from the Harvard Business Review really takes a deeper dive into the emotions that we're feeling and one that I've shared with everyone in my family. For me, I try to channel what this experience has allowed me to gain.  Quality Time with Gary || Before this quarantine, Gary and I barely had any time with one another during the week. If we were lucky it would be a couple hours at night, but we were both working on projects and it wasn't truly quality time, with the occasional "how was your day" and "what are you working on?" Even though this is a high stress time, we are more of a team than ever, especially both working. It's the two of us trying to navigate this and we get to talk about every little thing - celebrating little victories along the way - like making it through a particularly hard day! We eat all three meals together, share all the household chores and now instead of spending our nights on computers, we're watching a movie or a show! Weekly date nights after this will be happening so much more frequently! 
Watching Sophia Learn || Maternity leave with Sophia was a blur, weeknights and weekends never seem like enough and now I'm with Sophia 24/7! There are no breaks and she is in a crazy mommy phase! These last few weeks have been incredibly eye opening in not only parenting, but in teaching Sophia and seeing her learn new things. Just in the last week alone she's started saying new words and phrases and it's so exciting because she didn't know them and now she does. Obviously I know this will continue to happen, but being able to see it first hand and not a daycare teacher or my mom telling me is amazing! Organization station || Oh man, I love organizing as it is, but this quarantine has brought it to another level. I've cleaned and organized the fridge, ordered spice bottles with labels, purged clothes and just about everything else in our condo and it feels great. I've ordered a lot of new organization things to make things "work" and look prettier. Also, if like organization videos, the Home Edit has a channel called "Master the Mess" that I've been watching non-stop!   I ordered this spice bottles and labels- I've been wanting everything to look uniform for the longest time!
I have this organizer for pouches in the fridge and then I use this one in a cabinet for little odds and ends like candles, food coloring and baking items.  I ordered this "mini" organizer to put under the sink in the bathroom. We have an oddly shaped vanity so I hope this works. 

New found love for Pinterest || I used to be obsessed with Pinterest and then I sort of stopped pinning. But I've found myself pinning to my dream home board again because this experience has shown Gary and I that we are craving more space and an outdoor area for Sophia - a move to the suburbs may be in our future, still a distant future, but one we're considering way more seriously now! I've also been cooking so much more than I have in the last year. Every meal isn't something new, but I am experimenting more and I have the time to do so - you can follow my recipe board here. 
What are some things that are getting you through quarantine?  #Home