It’s no secret that the best way to keep your kitchen organized is by using organizing systems

But organizing can be expensive and what if you’re on a budget? When we organized our kitchen, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money! So we shopped discount stores like Big Lots, TJ Maxx and of course Amazon! We ended up saving a lot of money organizing our kitchen and wanted to share with you our favorite kitchen organizers for less than $20 dollars on Amazon! 
Kitchen Organizers For Less Than $20 Cookie Sheet Organizer

Having a cookie sheet organizer has made so much of a difference in my cookie sheet cabinet. I have this two-pack from Amazon and use it to organize cookie sheets, cooling racks, cutting boards, and 9×13 pans. It makes it so simple to grab a cookie sheet or pan I need without unstacking a whole pile of them. And it makes it super easy to put back our cookie sheets and pans after we have used them!

Grab Yourself a Cookie Sheet Organizer for Less Than $20 here!

Organizing Pots & Pans

Without an organizing system in place, keeping your pots and pans organized can be almost impossible. Just stacking your pans makes it hard to use them when you need them and worst of all, it damages your pans over time. And really, there’s no good way to stack pot lids without a pot lid organizer. That’s why I LOVE my pot rack and pot lid organizer! They keep my cabinet organized all the time, without a ton of work or having to reorganize it every so often! 

If your pots and pans need to be organized, you can grab a pot rack here and a pot lid organizer here for less than $15!

Pot Holder Basket

Organizing our pot and pan holder in a hanging door basket next to the stove made it so much easier to grab a pot holder, pull a pan out of the oven and then put the pot holder right back in the basket and close the door. So much easier than keeping them in a drawer where they tend to get stuck! 

Grab an over the door basket organizer here for less than $15! 
Knife Organizer

We used to store our knives in a knife block on the countertop but I really hated having one more thing on my counters, and they were always getting dirty from splatters on the stove. So instead, we started organizing knives in a knife drawer organizer tray! I absolutely love this knife drawer organizer and it makes it so much easier to organize knifes as well as keep them hidden from our little boy! 

Grab a Knife Drawer Organizer here for less than $10!
Food Storage Containers

Sistema Food Storage containers are my favorite containers for storing our basic pantry needs as well as cereal! They come in all different sizes and have a seal that keeps our food fresh so much longer than the packaging they come in. 

We use Sistema Cereal Containers for our cereals, flour and sugar. And the Sistema Bake It for powdered sugar and brown sugar! 

You can find both of these Sistema Containers on Amazon for less than $20 or even at TJ Maxx and Homegoods! 

Cabinet Shelves

Cabinet shelves are a great way to add extra storage space to any cabinet. You can use them in your plates cabinet, cups cabinet, or even in your pantry. The possibilities are endless and cabinet shelves come in all different shapes and sizes! We use a cabinet shelf in our plates cabinet to add more storage for our different types of plates. 

Organizing Baskets

Organizing your kitchen is so much easier when you have baskets. We use Y Weave Baskets to organize our spice cabinet as well as food in our cabinet pantry. Y Weave baskets come in all different sizes and are super cheap and durable! You can find them almost anywhere and Amazon has a great selection where you can buy them in bulk! 

Grocery Bag Storage

We have one of these grocery bag organizers under our kitchen sink and I love it! It make it really easy to put away grocery bags after we unload our groceries! And it makes it really convenient to pull one out whenever we need to use a grocery bag! And this grocery bag organizer is less than $15 dollars on Amazon! 

Grab a grocery bag organizer here! 
Can Organizer

Can organizers are a really good way to keep your pop or soda organized in your refrigerator! It keeps your cans organized, takes up less space in your refrigerator and make it really easy to know when you are about to run out of pop! Plus I love how this one has a tray on top for even more storage! Grab this can organizer on Amazon for less than $17

You can also get organizers for your water bottles! This water bottle organizer is less than $8 dollars on Amazon! 
Under The Sink Organizer

Organizing under the kitchen sink can be awkward and sometimes hard to do with all the pipes and plumbing. But using a shelf made specifically for under the kitchen sink makes it a whole lot easier! And for less than $20 dollars, why wouldn’t you want to add extra storage under your kitchen sink! 

Grab this under the sink organizer here! 
Wraps & Foil Organizer
Organizing foils, cling wraps and wax paper can be difficult depending on what kind of kitchen you have an the amount of storage you have! These are our favorite cling wraps & foil kitchen organizers for less than $20!

Under the shelf organizer for less than $15


Wrap Organizer Rack for less than $13


Hang on the door or wall mount wrap organizer for less than $10!
Lazy Susan

Adding a lazy susan to any of your cabinets is a great way to keep your kitchen organized! We used a lazy susan in our corner kitchen cabinets as well as a small lazy susan in our lazy susan to hold spices we use daily! If you have places in your kitchen that are hard to reach or you just need something easy to use to contain spices or sauces, a lazy susan is a great idea! 

Grab a lazy susan for less than $19!

Organizing your kitchen on a budget and finding Kitchen Organizers For Less Than $20 is super easy when you shop stores like Amazon, TJ Maxx or even Target! Some of our favorite kitchen organizers have come from Amazon and have been so helpful to keep our kitchen organized! Hopefully some of these organizers will help you keep your kitchen organized too!
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