Kitchen Cabinet Details that Will Make You Say “Wow”

People renovating their homes is incredibly common and spending in the area is on the rise. Many people want to make their homes more modern, or just want a change of scenery without buying a new home. However, in addition to changing up their space, many people may renovate their homes to increase its value. If that is your goal, one of the best types of renovations to consider is one in the kitchen.

While a lot can go into a kitchen renovation, one of the most important parts of the reno is your cabinets. Sure, you can look in-store for cabinets, but you can also find quality affordable kitchen cabinets for sale online. You might think your options when it comes to kitchen cabinets will be limited, but that is not the case. There are dozens (and potentially even hundreds) of different design and style options for you to choose from.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few different kitchen cabinet details, features and styles that are sure to wow you!
Wooden Cabinets

The most common type of cabinets out there are made of wood. Wood is a study, generally affordable and widely available option for cabinets. However, the price and quality of your wooden cabinet will depend on the type of wood being used. As you could imagine, the costs of different types of wood can vary.

For example, harder woods like cherry, maple, beech or hickory will often be more expensive than oak, walnut and mahogany. This is largely due to the woods ability to resist scratching, denting and other imperfections. So the wood you will choose depends not only on your visual preferences, but also your budget. In addition to different types of wood, cabinets can have a variety of different styles. They can be distressed, flat-panel, louvered or any other type of design.

As you could imagine, there are many pros or benefits to going with wooden cabinets. They are durable, can be easily customized, are available in nearly every style and can easily be stained and painted in the future to provide a whole new look. Of course, there are some cons that go along with wooden cabinets. Chief among them is the fact that the installation process can be longer and more expensive. Also, wooden cabinets can expand and warp over time, and be a headache to clean.

If you want to save some money while still getting the look of wood, you can also go with an option like thermofoil. These cabinets are made of  MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and are then wrapped and treated to look like wood. They are easy to care for, resistant against moisture, and much more affordable. However, they are not heat-resistant, so be careful.

Transparent Cabinets

While most people like their cabinets to hide the things they have, others want to show off their fine China or kitchenware. For these individuals, it can make sense to go with some kind of glass cabinet doors. These can provide a unique look that not many homes have. However, if going fully transparent is too intense, you could opt for some stained glass. This will provide a bit of transparency, while also being a design style in of itself.

Each of these options will require less solid material (either wood, metal or another material), in exchange for glass, which can lower price. Other pros of this type of cabinet can be a unique aesthetic, simple cleaning and can make it easier for visitors to know just where your cups are! However, there are some cons of transparent/glass cabinets as well. These include the fact the glass could break if you’re not careful, and the fact you need to keep everything organized behind the door, as everyone can see.

Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, most homes have an area that is hated by nearly everyone, the dreaded corner cabinet. This cabinet can be low or high, and is often a place most people will just toss things they never use. First of all, these cabinets can be hard to reach, and can be even tougher to see into. Trying to reach whatever you have at the back of these cabinets can be incredibly difficult and stressful.

If you can optimize your corner cabinet or create a usable solution, you will unlock much more storage than you otherwise had. Thankfully, there are several different ways to do this. You can install pull-out corner drawers, can utilize a lazy susan or can even using things like swing outs or slide-out trays.

Of course, installing these solutions will be more expensive and time consuming than leaving it alone, but can get you a lot of extra space, as well.

Soft Close Hinges or Drawers

There are many different ways that your cabinets can show wear and tear over the years. However, few can be more problematic than the hinges. After constantly being open, closed and slammed thousands of times, kitchen cabinet hinges can begin to show the effects. Damaged or compromised hinges can lead to doors being tough to close, uneven or stiff.

As a result, consider adding soft close hinges and drawers throughout your kitchen. These are hinges that will ensure your cabinets and drawers will always be closed slowly and gently. The small bit of added installation costs and work required will be more than worth it to save your hinges and drawers from unnecessary damage.

Don’t Forget About the Accessories

While how the cabinets look is important, so is how functional they are. Thankfully, there are several different types of accessories that can be installed within your cabinets. This can include dividers, pull-out trash can or recycling, wine racks, plate displays and more. These can be integrated directly into your cabinets for seamless inclusion.

These will all provide value in different ways to your home. Sure, they will generally cost more than adding standard cabinets, but the benefits are often worth the price. If you are interested in any of them, be sure to mention that to your contractor and see what they can do. While installing these on your own is possible, you want to ensure you know what you are doing before taking a customized job like this.

Hopefully this article has helped you learn a bit more about kitchen cabinets and all the various options at your disposal. Of course, these aren’t all available options, but are some of the best and to consider during your next kitchen renovation.

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