Life Lately: Volume 75

Decluttering Your Home

Today I am taking Amalia on a surprise road trip and overnight to Philly to visit my sister and her cousins. She had no idea she was going to miss school which made the surprise so much better! I love the idea of doing things like this every year or season that she’ll (hopefully) remember for a very long time.

My decluttering project is trucking along slowly but surely. I didn’t really realize how long it would take to get rid of everything I cleaned out. I’m trying to do it the right way instead of just dumping everything at Goodwill which is proving more time-consuming than I thought. My guest room is still quite full of bags. But we’ll get there and I’ll share as much as possible along the way.

I’m excited for my office to get pieced back together again next week. I sold my desk and filing cabinet and bought a desk with filing drawers (arriving this weekend) in it to consolidate and get a little more space.

But even more exciting than that, I got two new tattoos this week (pictured below) and I absolutely love. One is a ladybug (you can read about why here) and the other is a doodle that I’ve been drawing since I was pregnant with Luca. I don’t know how I figured it out but the last letter of each of the names in my family is also the first of someone else’s so I connected all of our names together in script: Juliamalianeluca. It looks so pretty, it’s so special, and I love that it requires a little explination.

I also had a really really great call about a project I’m hoping comes to fruition in the next few months. Overall it was a really great week.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Console / Rug / Ginger Jar / Gray Malin Photography (gifted)


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Kilte rainbow pullover: The sweater I get IG targeted ads for daily. I finally posted about it and ended up connecting with the brand’s founder who explained that her prices are so high because of her incredible detail to quality.

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Photo by Julia Dags.

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