Organizing Tune-Ups – Episode 8: Organizing A Kitchen Full Clean-Out Method

The whole kitchen organizing method is where we declutter our entire kitchen. Then reorganize the space to make sure that it stays organized. I am breaking down how to use this method to get organized in your kitchen.

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Show Notes: Organizing Kitchen Full Clean-Out Method

Kitchen is the heart of the home. There is a lot of stuff that goes into this area. When you want to declutter everything all at once, the full clean-out method is right for you!

Step 1: Take everything out of your cabinets, drawers, and under the sink and group them together based on category. Post-It Notes are great for this step!

Step 2: Take Post-It Notes and assign them a cabinet or drawer in your kitchen. This is the space planning portion of organizing.

Step 3: Put everything back in the assigned area!

Make sure to declutter as you are putting items back. Decluttering here just means to remove unwanted things. Do you use it in the kitchen? No? Then it shouldn’t be in the kitchen!

From here, you can decide if an organizing tool would help you in the kitchen. For instance, a spice organizer is great if you are using a drawer to organize your spices!

Once you are done, either leave the Post-It Notes in place or use labels to help stay organized!

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