Practical Tricks For Space-Saving Board Game Storage

Our family loves board games. But one thing I notice is that the board games can pile up quickly. Making them not as manageable to store in cabinets.

So I found some space-saving board game storage ideas that can work for any space, cabinet, or closet!

Velcro Baggies For Board Game Storage

When it comes to games with lots of pieces (which is pretty much every game), store all the parts in a smaller baggie for inside of the box. Then add Velcro to both the lid of the box and the baggie. Now your parts will stay put, without sliding all over the box!

Reinforce Edges Of Board Game Boxes

Games for kids can take a real hit, so I reinforce the edges with tons of Duct Tape. I make sure those corners are covered before the kids can attack it!

Securing Games When Storing

Wrap your board games with cheap headbands. This will hold the boxes together so you can store them standing up without losing all the parts! This way you can store your board games standing up or stack on top of each other without worrying small parts will fall out.

Rolling the Dice

When you play a dice game with your kids, chances are the kids throw them everywhere (on purpose and on accident). This tip keeps control of the dice. Grab some small, clear Tupperware pieces and put the dice inside.

When it’s your turn, shake the Tupperware and set the lid-side down to see your roll. It’s rolling the dice without throwing them everywhere!

board games stored in cabinet

Card Holders For Young Kiddos

Do your kids want to play card games, but struggle to hold them? Grab two plastic lids. Punch a hole in the middle of each. Then add a brad to hold it in place. Now you have an easy card holder for the kids!

These holders were a huge hit with the kids in my classroom when I taught!

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Board Game Storage in Pencil Bags

Smaller games can easily be stored in pencil bags. Put all the parts, along with directions, in the bag. Be sure to label the bag so you know what game is in there!

Portfolio Holders Work For Stackable Board Game Storage

Using an office portfolio holder can help you store thinner games and components in a stackable format.

The general design of these holders keeps each game folded at the spot where all pieces can be stored, saving you time fiddling around while it’s being put away.

You can buy thin portfolio holders to fill with four or five boxes or larger ones that can house more slender games, like card games.

I like adding vinyl labels to the front of the portfolio holders so we know what games are in each holder.

And I will use photo organizers to hold cards if the game requires cards along with parts and the board. But most games can easily be stored in the portfolio holder without any other organizing tool necessary.

Store Card Games In Photo Organizers

Photo organizers are another great solution for storing large card collections in a tight area.

These holders come with layers of compartments, so you can separate individual decks and sort by color or type. They also look decorative on shelves or tables, making them ideal for game nights at home.

Make sure that the organizers you’re using have sturdy material and support your card collection’s weight — otherwise you run the risk of the slots breaking apart over time.

I have added labels to each of the photo organizers so we know what games are in each organizer!

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Store Board Games In Large Baggies

Sometimes the easiest way to organize your board games is using large baggies! I love the gallon ones with the sliders. I think you can fit just a little bit more and they last a little longer. You can either cut the board game box and store in the baggie, or add a label.

board games in cabinet with cards organized in basket

Incorporate Vertical Storage Solutions

One way to create more board game storage is to store your games vertically. This means storing the boxes standing upright. So all the boxes are stored standing on a side, not the bottom of the box.

Use a lid holder to store games standing up. It is another easy option to keep the boxes tidy without losing parts! I found this one at the Dollar Tree.

Now I have found this doesn’t work with every game. If you have a box that is falling apart, then storing them vertically isn’t a great idea. Games with small parts that just stay in the box don’t work for this type of storage for board games.

You can use headbands to keep the boxes and lids together. But if you have little kids, this option may not work.

Contain Your Games with Magazine Files

Magazine files offer a neat, tidy way to store board games in a small space. These holders are inexpensive and easy to find, and you can customize them with colorful paper or vinyl decals for a fun touch.

To contain your games, loosely wrap each game’s boards in the magazine file and secure it shut with tape. Then place all the pieces of each game in labeled plastic bags, and put them inside the magazine file as well. This will keep everything contained without taking up too much space.

This method also works well with smaller bags for games. Below are some of my favorite magazine files, zippered bags, and containers for storing games.

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