The 14 Most Brilliant Secrets To Getting More Organized

While I wouldn’t call myself an “expert organizer” per se (I’m certainly no Marie Kondo!), I’ve shared a lot of organizing tips here on my blog over the past several years! All of those tips have been useful in their own right, but there are a few that stick out as my all-time favorites. These “top tips” are the ones I would be most likely to share with a friend or family member who was struggling to get organized or declutter.

So I thought it might be fun if we took a trip down memory lane and revisited those tips! It never hurts to have a little refresher when it comes to getting organized. Because organizing your home is sort of like doing laundry—it’s never really done. Clutter builds up over time, things get moved around, and soon enough it’s time to reorganize. But with the help of these tips, you can make the process quicker and easier than ever!

So without further ado, here are 14 of my very best organizing tips. Where possible, I included links to other posts where you can find more in-depth information. I hope these prove as useful to you as they have been to me! Oh, and happy organizing! :-)
14 Of My All-Time Best Organizing Tips

1. Stick With Magnets
A simple magnetic bar (like the ones typically used for kitchen knives) can make an excellent organizer in various locations around the house! Here are a few of the useful ways I’ve seen them used:
In a kid’s room, for small toy cars On a wall in the garage, for screwdrivers, wrenches, and other small tools In the bathroom, for bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. In the office, for paper punches, scissors, and other office supplies By the front door, as a place to keep keys
For more details about using magnets to get organized, check out the post below!

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2. Ban Bulky Packaging
A while ago, I reached the end of my rope about all the boxes, bags, and other packaging cluttering up my fridge and pantry. I decided to put a “ban” on those bulky packages, so now I keep my foods in stackable, airtight storage containers!

It keeps my fridge and pantry looking much more organized. I also like that my clear containers make it easy to tell if I’m running low on something so I can add it to my shopping list.

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3. Reclaim Your Refrigerator
I know there are some people who love posting stuff on the front of their fridge, but I am not one of them! Having magnets, papers, and other clutter on my fridge makes me feel like my whole kitchen is cluttered somehow. My solution for fridge clutter is to move the important stuff onto the inside of one of your kitchen cupboard doors!

You can make a “command center” of sorts inside a cupboard door where you keep important info, dates, flyers, and the other stuff you used to keep on your fridge. Just stick a thin sheet of metal to the inside of the door so you can use magnets, or stick a magnetic white board up there for more options!

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4. Store More Under The Sink
Is the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink cluttered up with cleaning supplies? Mine used to be, but then I discovered a brilliantly simple hack that helped. I just put in a tension rod near the top of the cupboard and used it to hang up all of my spray bottles! This one simple step made the cupboard under my sink feel much bigger and much less cluttered.

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5. Load Up On Lazy Susans
The lazy Susan is an all-time great invention when it comes to organizing! You can use them all over the house to make hard-to-reach areas more accessible. They take up the same amount of space as other bins and organizers, but the fact that you can spin them makes them so much more useful.

Add a lazy Susan to any cupboard that’s up-high or down-low to make things more accessible. Use them for nail polish and cosmetics, medicines, condiments, spices, cleaning supplies, craft supplies and more!

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6. Declutter Digitally
Organizing isn’t all about bins and boxes—you can also use technology to help! Here are a few of my favorite tech-related tips for getting organized.
Corral Your Cards. Discount, loyalty, and rewards cards can stack up in your wallet, making it hard to know where anything is. Instead, use an app like Key Ring, which lets you upload those cards to your smartphone. Retailers can scan cards right from the app, so you can declutter your wallet! Organize Your Inbox. If you’re up to your eyes in unwanted emails, check out! This free service makes it simple to unsubscribe from email lists. It also give you the option of combining all the emails you do want to read into one daily email update! Digitize Paper Clutter. You can use a smartphone as a document scanner to keep track of receipts and other important documents to reduce paper clutter. If you have an iPhone, you can do it right in the Notes app. Just create a new note, press the plus sign near at the bottom of the screen, and select “Scan Documents.” For third-party app options, check out this article from Handshake. 7. Store More On Doors
Every door in your home has the potential to become valuable storage space. All you need is an over-the-door organizer! They’re typically marketed as shoe organizers, but you can use them to organize all sorts of things. Use one to organize cleaning products, craft supplies, toys, accessories, first aid supplies, and more!

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8. Use Every Inch
When it seems like you are already utilizing all your storage space, it’s time to get creative! Consider the less-than-obvious places you can store things, like the inside of cupboard doors in your kitchen and bathroom. Install a shelf in the space above a doorway, or store stuff in the space above your kitchen cabinets. It’s all usable storage space!

9. Stash Your Sheets
Store your extra set of bedsheets underneath your mattress. It frees up space in your linen closet, and when it’s time to wash your bedding, you’ll have a fresh set close at hand! And as an added bonus, the mattress will keep your sheets nicely pressed and free from dust.

10. Make A Donation Station
If you’re in the process of decluttering, it’s unlikely that it will happen all at once. But setting up a “donation station” can make it easier! Use a cardboard box or a storage bin as a place to put things that you’re ready to get rid of. Once the box is full, that’s the signal that it’s time for a trip to Goodwill (or whatever your preferred donation center might be!)

11. Fill Magazine Files
Magazine file boxes can make a surprisingly versatile organizing tool. Use them to keep plastic wrap and tinfoil, small purses and clutches, canned food, or seasoning packets neatly organized!

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12. Embrace The Bungee
Bungee cords are great for keeping things organized! You can hang a couple from the bottom of a wire shelf to hang up your wrapping paper collection. Or wrap one around the edge of an open shelving unit to act as a barrier. (You’ll be able to fit more on the shelf if you aren’t worried about things toppling off!) Check out the link below for more brilliant bungee ideas!

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13. Minimize Your Manuals
It’s important to have the owner’s manuals handy for the things you own, in case you have a question about it or something goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean you have to clutter up your home with dozens of manuals! You can track most of your owner’s manuals down online. (Just Google “[product make and model] owner’s manual” to get started!)

Google will usually lead you to the manufacturer’s website where you can download a PDF copy of the very same owner’s manual. Just save it onto your computer or your favorite cloud storage service, and then you can get rid of the paper copy!

14. Compartmentalize Cabinets
Large or deep cabinets can easily become a cluttered nightmare, no matter what you’re storing in them. The key to controlling the clutter is to divide the items into categories, then store each collection of items in its own bin or box. Then when you need to find something in your deep cabinet, you’ll know exactly which bin to pull out. And pulling out one bin is so much easier than digging through all the clutter!

What’s your favorite tip or trick for getting organized?
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