There are many things we’d like to hide in the bathroom

Cleaning products, dirty clothes, brushes, wipes are not aesthetically pleasing and no one is likely to want to put them on display. And this is where various storage compartments come in handy . Cleverly placed cabinets, drawers, containers are ideal for storing small toiletry and gadgets. In addition, they look nice and, if properly selected, can become a decoration.

#1 A Narrow Recess in the Wall Can Hide the Toilet Brush Perfectly

pinterest#2 A Pull-Out Basket for Dirty Laundry

pinterest#3 The Cabinet With a Tilt-Out Bin Will Hold a Lot of Towels

pinterest#4 A Narrow Cabinet Cleverly Placed Next to the Toilet. Cleaning Products Can Be Hidden in It

pinterest#5 Cabinet With a Place to Hide Toilet Paper and Brush Will Be Perfect for a Small Bathroom

pinterest#6 Built-in Bathtub With Drawers

pinterest#7 Narrow Waste Garbage Cans Built Into the Wall

pinterest#8 Deep Drawer Integrated Into the Bathtub

pinterest#9 Cabinet Hidden Behind the Sliding Mirror

pinterest#10 if You Are Not Fond of Your Bathtub, You Can Also Hide It

pinterest#11 Ingeniously Built-in Bathtub

pinterest#12 Tilting Shelves Can Store Cosmetics, Which Will Always Be Easily Accessible While Taking a Bath

pinterest#13 The Inside of the Cabinets Is Another Space Perfect for Storage

pinterest#14 Handy Toilet Flushing Kit Hidden in the Wall

amazon#15 Toothbrush Organizer. With This, You’ll Never Have to Clean up Storage Glasses Again


A toilet that reminds you to always lower the flapper.

Which bathroom storage unit do you like best?

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