This $8 Item Will Change Your Pantry Game Forever

Have you ever reached into the back of your spice cabinet for the cumin and knocked over every jar in front of it? Me too. Has the same thing happened when rummaging for condiments in the fridge? Same. If the regularity of this frustrates you like it did me, you’ll be happy to hear I’ve found the perfect solution—and her name is lazy Susan.

The lazy Susan (neither lazy nor sluggish) is a turntable or rotating tray that has evolved into its current iteration over many years. It all began with a wheeled serving device called a dumbwaiter that Thomas Jefferson introduced to the United States after living in France. In the 1950s, the lazy Susan surged in popularity when it became the centerpiece of Chinese-American restaurants thanks to engineer, soy sauce mogul, and restaurateur George Hall, who installed revolving tabletops at Johnny Kan’s in San Francisco. The storied spot inspired countless others to spin Peking duck and fried rice around the table for facilitated dining.


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