This Simple Amazon Kitchen Tool Helps Keep My Tiny Space Clutter-Free

I’m not sure when I became the kind of person who waxes poetic about decorative vessels, but this is who I am now. And while I’ve collected a number of stout ceramic pots and glass vases (much to my roommate’s chagrin), there’s no container I love more than my olive oil dispenser duo. I know that picking favorites is the cardinal sin of parenthood, but how can I not when they do so much for me?
Giara Glass Bottles (set of 4), Amazon ($22.95)
These Giara glass bottles are originally from Italy, where you’ll find them on restaurant tables and in kitchen cabinets, but you can also buy them on Amazon, where $23 will get you a set of four. I smuggled mine from my parents’ house and have been reveling in their multi-functionality ever since. 

They’re handy for toting drinks to BYOB dinners, since the narrow neck and bottle stopper prevent spilling. They can streamline your fridge, organizing the fruit juices in the door so you see exactly how much OJ you have left. (If you’re more of a sparkling water fan, the airtight top also helps preserve carbonation.) You can even turn them into makeshift flower vases. However, I’ve opted to use them as olive oil and vinegar dispensers. 

Given the lack of storage in my tiny kitchen, every square inch counts. I keep pantry staples like my oils and vinegars on display on a bar cart to free up the counter for meal prep and the cupboards for dishes and glassware. As such, I stay away from busy labels that make an already-small space feel even tinier. Decanting olive oil and vinegar into these simple bottles makes the setup look less cluttered. Not to mention, I feel much more like the culinary pro I aspire to be when I’m daintily drizzling balsamic vinegar over my arugula salad. 

Last but not least, these dispensers allow you to buy cooking essentials like olive oil in bulk, saving you money in the long run. Just fill up (and keep filling up) your glass vessel; the big jug can live in the far corner of a cabinet. You’ll never again find yourself without enough olive oil for your weeknight pasta dinner.

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